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Vans France – Jeremy Muller And Nicolas Badet At Pontklyn Skatepark

VANS France: Pontklyn from Vans Europe on Vimeo.

Vans France riders, Jeremy Muller and Nicolas Badet, hit up the new Pontklyn concrete skatepark and these are the clips they managed to film with Alex Baret behind the lens. One shreds more transitions and the other rails and ledges, but both are doing it good.
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Marie Jade – Chut! Behind The Scenes

MArieJADE – Chut! – Behind Silence from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

All you Marie Jade fans out there, here is a treat for you. A minute less than forty minutes long behind the scenes video from filming for the Chut!, featuring Nicolas Badet, Joris Coulomb, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Max Terrasson, Renaud Coquillon, Ben Perrier, Winaï Khamp, Kevin Kalkoff, Tommy Lauque, Remy Masset, Anthony Clain, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino and more. Seat back, relax, get comfy and enjoy watching.
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Vans “Waves Tour” Part 2

Here is the second part of the Vans “Waves Tour” that happened this summer. The French Vans team, consisting of Justin Fouque, Antony Lille, Nicolas Badet, Nicolas Cambon and Alex Valentino took a trip to the south west of the country to find and ride concrete waves. Plenty of dope spots they found, but the two under the bridge in here are the dopest. Enjoy.
if you missed the first part Watch It Now.
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Vans “Waves Tour” – Part 1

This summer Vans French team took a trip to the south west of the country in search of concrete waves. Justin Fouque, Antony Lille, Nicolas Badet, Nicolas Cambon and Alexandre Valentino were all part of it and here is now the first part of it. It looks like they came back with a big amount of quality stuff, that they were not able to put in one web video. A lot of amazing shots and crazy good concrete skateparks/bowls. You will going to enjoy it.
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Frenchys Meeting V4

The fourth version of the Frenchys Meeting trip series is on and Maxime Charveron, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Joris Coulomb, Adrien Lacomte, John Garcia, Nicolas Badet, Ben Gea and Matthias Dandois are all part of it. Follow Frenchys’ Facebook page for all the updates.

Figure BMX – Visite En Terre Espagnole

Guys over at Figure BMX just sent over this new video from a trip they took to Spain. Adrien Lacomte, Thomas Calcagno, Benoit Gea, Nicolas Badet, Anthony Abbadie, John Garcia, Freddy Bermond, Vincent Preulih and Maxence Oddone were they guys how went on the road to have plenty of fun and to ride streets and skatepark. I am not 100% sure, but is this Barcelona only? Well, hit play and enjoy, cause you must not miss it.
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FISE Montpellier 2013 – Street Pro Contest

Contest BMX Street Pro – FISE World Montpellier… by fise
You missed the live stream of the FISE Montpellier 2013 Street contest? I know I did and since the weather is shitty over here I will be watching the replay, because the list of riders is heavy. Riding from Jouris Coulomb, Matthias Dandois, Simone Barraco, Nicolas Badet, Maxime Charveron, Brian Kachinsky and many more.
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2013 FISE Montpellier – Street Line

BMX Avenue and FISE got together to host a Street Line contest at the FISE Montpellier. Joris Coulomb, Maxime Charveron, Mathieu Peladan, Florian Montanari, Nicolas Badet, Anthony Perrin, Alex Valentino, Jason Phelan, Maxime Terrasson, Brian Kachinsky, Matthias Dandois and more are invited, so madness is guaranteed.

Fit – Nicolas Badet Edit

Fit’s French connection Nicolas Bandet came out with a fire edit filmed at a concrete bowl. His brakeless, pegless (well, he still rides micro pegs) and freecoaster style of riding is so rad. Was that a topside toothpick with a micro peg? Just enjoy.
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Vans – Nicolas Badet

Vans’ Nicolas Badet scored an eight pages long interview in the latest issue of the Soul BMX magazine, where you will be seeing pictures of tricks that he filmed for this edit with guys over at Greenfilms. Nicolas rides with micro pegs, but can still nail down some next level grinds, especially when it comes to pedal/crank arm grinds. Press the play button and enjoy.
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