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Nigel Sylvester Promoting His Signature Animal Bikes Seat

Animal Bikes: Nigel Sylvester 2014 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Nigel Sylvester’s signature pivotal seat from Animal Bikes is out now and here he is promoting it with a sweet black and white promo. Even if there is plenty of insane kids out there in the moment who are doing some really insane and mad stuff, I still really enjoy watching Nigel shred. You just can not go wrong with some “classic” style street shredding. Check it out and then got and contact your local dealer, favorite mail order, or just go to Animal web store and get yourself a new seat.
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Pharell Williams And Nigel Sylvester Talking BMX Culture

Red Bull recently caught up with the one and only Pharell Williams and Nigel Sylvester to talk about the BMX culture and things related to it. You don’t see very often a musician and a big name like Pharell’s is to talk about BMX. We all need to thank Nigel Sylvester for that, because if there would not be Nigel, there would probably not be Pharell Williams talking about the kids bikes. I am quite sure that we can grow and grow the game of BMX with help from Pharell. He has a massive fan base and that is awesome.
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Japanimal 2013 QSS 6 Promo

Japanimal 2013 QSS 6 Promo from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Back in November 2013 Animal Bikes crew, Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Ben Lewis, Nigel Sylvester, Tyrone Williams and Tom White, spent two weeks in Japan shredding streets of Tokyo. Mark and Ben where filming for their upcoming parts in the QSS6, while the rest of the riders filmed stuff for the Japan video. Six minutes long promo just dropped to show you what these guys were doing over there.
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Nigel Sylvester Christmas Giveaway

Animal Bikes, Beats By Dr. Dree, Getorade, G-Shock and Nike teamed up with Nigel Sylvester to put together a pretty big pack, that can be win in this Christmas giveaway on Instagram and/or Twitter. Check out the flyer above for the rules and enter it, winner will be picked on Christmas day.

Nigel Sylvester Bike Check

Make your way over to the Animal Bikes web site to check out Nigel Sylvester’s current Brooklyn Machine Works setup. Take a better looks at the prototype frame and prototype seat Nigel is currently testing out.

Japanimal 2013 Photo Gallery 2

Animal Bikes’ Ben Lewis, Jeff Kocsis, Mark Gralla, Nigel Sylvester, Tom White and Tyrone Williams are currently on a trip in Japan, visiting shops and here is the second photo gallery, based on the second day, when they did two stops, one at Cave BMX and the other at Flourish BMX.

Animal In Japan

As you can see on the flyer above, Animal Bikes is sending Ben Lewis, Mark Grala, Nigel Sylvester, Tyrone Williams, Jeff Kocsis and Tom White on a shop stop tour to Japan.

Nigel Sylvester Interview At Breakfast Club

Nigel Sylvester is really all over the place lately and in so much interviews, you would probably know everything about him by now. The most recent interview he made was at the Breakfast Club talking about BMX in general, Brooklyn Machines, sponsors, injuries and more. Definitely a fun watch.

Nigel Sylvester – Youngest In Charge

Nigel Sylvester is all over the place lately and here he is in an all new interview series from Al Lindstrom, “Youngest In Charge.” Nigel talks about his first sponsors, hip hop and the new project he is currently working on, the Brooklyn Machine Works. I really like the idea behind these series, to help young and coming entrepreneurs.

Nigel Sylvester Feat. Bluetooth 2nd Generation

I remember asking myself what if you could be able to connect your phone with a watch back in the days and look it happened. Actually it happened quite some time ago, you can now connect your watch with your phone and use it for notifications, volume up and down the music and more. Nigel Sylvester takes a G-Shock watch to a test, gets a session in and more. This is rad.
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