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Nigel Sylvester Getorade Ad

Nigel Sylvester’s double page Getorade ad from BMX Plus!

Nigel Sylvester Interview

Nigel Sylvester has an interview up on Benext talking Nigel Sylvester brand, why he never competed at X-Games, why Nike, Getorade and G-Shock like him, his style and more.

Nigel Sylvester G Shock Release Party Photos

A bunch of photos from Nigel Sylvester’s G Shock release party can be found over here.

Nigel Sylvester – G-Shock Release Party

G-Shock release party for Nigel Sylvester’s upcoming G-Shock collab watch.

Getorade And Nigel Sylvester All Day Sessions – Bay Area

Gatorade & Nigel Sylvester All Day Sessions: Bay Area – More BMX Videos

All day session with Getorade rider Nigel Sylvester doing it in Bay Area, California. Watch Nigel going downhill, doing tech combos and cruising with local crew.

5 Things With Nigel Sylvester

5 Things With Nigel Sylvester up on BNQT.

Nigel Sylvester – New Era X Animal “MMS 87” Commercial

New Era X Animal hat and seat commercial featuring Nigel Sylvester. I don’t know if I ever saw an up rail crooked to tailwhip.

Inside The Edge – Nigel Sylvester

This is the clip from Nigel Sylvester being on Sports Center last night.
“Nigel Sylvester may very well be the most nimble athlete on two wheels, and he has to be to maneuver the man-made features of his native NYC. A BMX rider’s training ground consists of rails, ledges and blacktops, and Nigel moves seamlessly from one New York borough to the next by fueling properly to keep his mind and body sharp.”

Maestro Knows – Special Edition (The Sylvester)

Maestro Knows – Special Edition (The Sylvester) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

“In this Special Edition episode Maestro makes the second effort documenting his friend Nigel Sylvester. Follow the duo from flashbacks in cold NYC to the warm summer streets of Los Angeles. From Broadway Ave to Sunset Blvd, welcome to another classic Maestro Knows!”Maestro Knows.

Nigel Sylvester’s Signature G-Shock Watch

Want new watch? Nigel Sylvester will have his own, signature watch from G-Shock, the GD100NS-7. Here are his words: “I feel this time piece is a fantastic marriage between tough, durable and consistent but also elegant, sleek and classic. I am honored to have the opportunity to have worked on this G-Shock with Casio and anxiously looking forward to August when it will be available to the public.”