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Nigel Sylvester Breaks Magazine Interview

There is a great interview over on the Breaks Magazine web site made with Nigel Sylvester, where he talks about the Pyradice, Brooklyn Machine Works, Pharrell and more. Heave a read, because it is a good one.

TRC Skatepark’s 4th Anniversary Jam

On September 14th TRC Skatepark celebrate it’s 4th anniversary and to celebrate it in style, locals threw down one hell of a jam. Animal Bikes’ Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos were also in town and hit the jam. Check out video highlights above.

Nigel Sylvester On Hot 97

This is hot, this is Hot 97. It looks like Nigel Sylvester found himself on the station, being interviewed by Angie Mertinez, talking about BMX, and the newely launched brand he and Pharrell started, the Brooklyn Machine Works. Did you find Angie’s microphone?

Nigel Sylvester’s Essentials caught up with Nigel Sylvester to unveil Nigel Sylvester’s essentials. I will tell you what is the most important object here on the photo, that you really need to focus on, his signature Brooklyn Machine Works bike. Check more on the page.

Nigel Sylvester’s Nordstrom Interview

Nordstrom shop decided to feature in their upcoming catalog New York’s Nigel Sylvester. They caught up with him to get this quick video done and to interview him about learning new tricks, being professional, training and much more.

Animal Bikes – Across The Border

Animal Bikes will be sending Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos across the border this weekend to Mexico for a jam presented by Luka Bike Shop. All the rest of informations can be find on the flyer above.

Animal Bikes – End Of Summer 2013

To end the summer time in style Animal Bikes put together this really dope mix web video featuring pretty much their entire squad. Ben Lewis, Steven Hamilton, Zac Acosta, Clarky, Marv, Matt Miller, Ralph Sinisi, Oba Stanley, Garrett Hoogerhyde, Jeff Kocsis, Abdul Fofanah, Joey Piazza, Chase Dehart, Joe Niranonta, Tom White, Jared Washington, Tyrone Williams, Mike Rose, Ralphy Ramos, Mike Hoder, John Yon, Ryan Howard, Nigel Sylvester, Lino Gonzalez, Ryan Niranonta, Jack Maddock, Mark Gralla and Brendon Reith. Now you are asking how they featured all these riders in just two and a half minutes, well they did and it’s solid.
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Joe Tiseo 2013 Memorial Jam Highlights

A collection of some of the best moments from the Joe Tiseo 2013 Memorial Jam that went down in Bloomfield, New Jersey, featuring Mike Hoder, Jeff Kocsis, Nigel Sylvester, Grant Germain, Charlie Crumlish and more. May you rest in piece Joe Tiseo.
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Nigel Sylvester And Pharrell – The Brooklyn Machine Works Bikes

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Something big happened at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, especially for Nigel Sylvester and the whole BMX community. Nigel found himself on a red carpet with Pharrell and the rest of his Brooklyn (Tyrone Williams, Raplhy Ramos, Oba Stanley, Marlon Europe, Mike Hoder and others) crew to “announce” the new bike company he started, the Brooklyn Machine Works. After leaving Mirraco over a year ago, Nigel has been really busy doing his own stuff and now it is all revealed. As Ralph Sinisi, Animal Bikes founder and CEO, sad, Brooklyn Machine Works will be a bike company producing complete BMX bikes, so this does not mean Nigel will be leaving Animal, opposite, Nigel will try to bring Animal parts to the complete bikes and with this trying to make a very quality bikes (I hope).
This is the first step from this new bike company, stay tuned for more informations and maybe also some sample photos of the bikes.
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Nigel Sylvester In Mack Wild’s Own It Music Video

Nigel Sylvester has done it again. He got himself a few clips in Mack Wild’s most recent music video for the song Own It. Only good things for the sport this means.