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Animal Bikes QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” – UK Trip

Animal Bikes dropped another section from the QSS 3 “Foreign And Domestic” video, that features their UK trip. Oba Stanley, Bengo, Garrett Hoogerhyde, Tyrone Williams, Nigel Sylvester and Ben Lewis are all part of it and all filmed some solid street stuff, but last G-turn from Bengo was the sickest.
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Nigel Sylvester X Ramel Williams – L.E.S. Fall 2012 Quickie

Back in fall 2012, Nigel Sylvester and Ramel Williams teamed up with Tyrone Williams, hit the L.E.S. (Lower East Side) skatepark and filmed this quick but freaking sweet edit. You won’t be disappointed.
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Nigel Sylvester’s Hop Whip At 2000 fps

You may be bored watching this, or you may be down and stoked like I always am, when it comes to watching one single trick pulled in super slow motion. Above you can watch Nigel Sylvester pulling a bunnyhop tailwhip at 2000 frames per second.
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Nigel Sylvester X ASAP Ferg – “S.O.M.P.” Video

This is a little collab video between Nigel Sylvester and his friend ASAP Ferg for Ferg’s single “Work”. If I focus myself on Nigel’s riding, it has nothing to do with little, there is some serious shredding in here and I am sure Nigel will surprise you with a few moves.
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Animal Bikes “Black Out” Giveaway

With the release of ten exclusive Nigel Sylvester version of Animal Bikes V3 sprockets, they have decided to give away the very first one along with Nigel’s new signature G-Shock watch. You can find all the rules on the flier above. Don’t wait, enter this giveaway now.

Animal Bikes X G-Shock X Nigel Sylvester

To celebrate Nigel Sylvester’s second signature watch from G-Shock, Animal Bikes made a very limited edition of updated version of the V3 sprocket, only ten. For more closeup photos and informations, head over to Animal. This looks sick.

Nigel Sylvester In A G-Shock Commercial

Check out this commercial for G-Shock starring no other that street machine Nigel Sylvester, cruising around the city, while everything is going crazy. Always sick seeing this commercial for bigger brands, especially when seeing BMX in it. Now go out and pop a wheelie.
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Nigel Sylvester Animal Bikes Ad

Animal Bikes’ and New Era’s collaboration ad that ran in the 186th issue of the Ride BMX magazine, featuring Nigel Sylvester with an 180 barspin.

PopAWheelie Snapbacks Available Now

Nigel Sylvester’s PopAWheelie snapback are available now. These come in two different colorways, black//black and black/white, and cost $30. Find more info on his web page.

Nigel Sylvester’s S.O.M.P. Jam Video

Usually Friday is the interview day at Ride BMX, but this week is not the usual day, this Friday is a video day. Watch highlights from Nigel Sylvester’s Standing On My Pedal (S.O.M.P.) Jam that went down last weekend at the McBride plaza. Featuring Morgan Long, Tony Neyer, Justin Henninger, Arnaud Wolff, Robert Dalecki, Anthony Watkinson, Cory Wiergowski and many more.