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Gatorade “Perfect Moment” – Nigel Sylvester

Nigel Sylvester and Gatorade teamed up, hit the streets of Nigel’s hometown of New York, bring out RED cameras and film this amazing promo edit/commercial, that was directed by Harrison Boyce. It is hard to get that perfect moment sometimes, but if you got lucky, you get it in just a few tries.
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Cult Weekend In LBC

Veesh and some of the Cult guys were hanging out at Tip Plus’ Yardsale and Nigel Sylvester’s SOMP jam in Long Beach, California this past weekend and here is a little something for you to check out. The long nose manual style toothpick hangover on a rail was sick.
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Travel Essentials – Nigel Sylvester & Ralphy Ramons

Find out what are the most important things that Nigel Sylvester and Ralphy Ramos took when going on a trip. Fish oil, Jesus necklace, GoPro, clipper and sneakers are just a few.

Nigel Sylvester Presents S.O.M.P. Jam

Nigel Sylvester and G-Shock present you the S.O.M.P. (standing on my pedal) Jam, that will be happening on Saturday, December 15th at the McBride Skatepark. This sound like good times to me, so if you are somewhere near, make sure you go there.

Get Sylvester Photogallery

This past year Harrison Boyce got an opportunity to film with Nigel Sylvester and the crew for the Get Sylvester video series. Besides all the filming and traveling Harrison was able to snap a few photos here and there, that you can now check in this rad photogallery on Defgrip.

Nigel Sylvester Comming To Turkey

Next week Nigel Sylvester is going to Turkey, where he will be visiting the Gargamel Shop in Istanbul on October 6th to get the singing and meeting with locals done. I don’t really understand all that the above flier is saying, but if you speak Turkish, lucky you.

Nigel Sylvester “Get Sylvester” – Living The Dream

“In this episode of “Get Sylvester,” Nigel Sylvester reflects on his childhood. Taking us on a thought conscious stroll down memory lane touching on some of the stepping stones that got him to where he is today and what drives him to continue to push all aspects of his life and BMX. He also gets a chance to stop by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy’s patriotic pop up park for a quick BMX and mini bike. Stay tuned for more from Nigel Sylvester and what he does next!”NetworkA
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G-Shock & Nigel Sylvester – Behind The Ad

“July 2012?s issue of Ride BMX had a spread of Nigel Sylvester for G-Shock from a trip to California earlier this year, shot and interviewed by our very own Ryan Fudger. Today we’ve got a “behind the ad” video from the trip, featuring the final trick that went to print, more moves from the trip, some commentary from Nigel, and more.”– Andrew Brady, Ride BMX
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Nigel Sylvester Animal Ad

Animal’s print ad that ran in Ride, issue 182 featuring Nigel Sylvester with a smith grind, shot on one of his many trips to Dominican Republic. Check full ad after the jump.
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Nigel Sylvester “Get Sylvester” – Dominican Reoublic

In my opinion this could be the best episode of “Get Sylvester” for now. They visited Dominican Republic, Ralphy Ramos’ birth place. Seat back, relax and enjoy.

“In this episode of “Get Sylvester,” Ralphy Ramos takes Nigel Sylvester on a guided tour of his home country: the Dominican Republic. Their experiences range from plush ocean-side living to gritty street riding to glimpses of the extreme poverty that’s so pervasive there. The whole thing proves to be more than just another BMX trip; it’s an inspiration. Directed by Harrison Boyce.”NetworkA
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