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Etnies – Nikita Zharkov Edit

Check out Nikita Zharkov doing it with some damn good style, regular tricks and opposite tricks for his shoes sponsor Etnies. Dude is super good and I don’t see the reason why you will not start clicking on that play button right now. Check it and enjoy.
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Stress – Minsk Trip

Back in May 2013, the Stress crew took a week long trip to Minsk, Belarus to enjoy what city has to offer, good spots and beautiful women. They came back with a handful of clips and made this dope video to show you how good of a city Minsk is. Featuring riding from Ivan Nikolaev, Nikita Zharkov, Alex Maltsev, Max Bespaliy, Volodya Dmitruk, Amigo, Alexander Prokof’ev and Oleg Aleksandrov.
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The Red Tour

Back in April the Hellride crew from Russia, Anton Evstifeev, Konstantin Andreev, Vladslav Melnik, Pavel Terentiev, Nikita Zharkov and Denis Pavlov made a trip to the XSA ramp setup for a few days of shredding and filming. They didn’t have the best of luck with the weather, but they didn’t give up and came back with this twelve minutes long video for your viewing pleasure.
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Cocaroach – Tron Skatehall

Vlad Melnik, Nikita Zharkov, Mikhail Pokhomov and Alexey maltsev shredding this amazing, but at the same time kinda spooky indoor park called Tron Skatehall. Tons and tons of heavy moves in here. Check it out.
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Nikita Zharkov In Krasnodar

Nikita Zharkov recently spent some time in Krasnodar where he hit up the skatepark and a bunch of street spots to get this edit for his sponsor Hell Ride done. This guy has style and loves throwing those bars in the opposite direction.
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Until It’s Dry Five Teaser

Teaser for the fifth version of the Until It’s Dry project from Nikita Zharkov and Alexey Maltsev, that documents the BMX scene in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The premiere will go dob in February and the video will come on the web at the end of spring. Big things are coming.
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Until It’s Dry Four (Warm Up)

Until It’s Dry is a video project from Nikita Zharkov and friends to show you how good the BMX scene in Saint Petersburg, Russia is. Here is the fourth edition and it includes thirteen minutes of solid shredding. This is also a warm up for the fifth version of it.
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Etnies – Nikita Zharkov X Alexey Maltsev

Really clean, very well filmed, with tons of great riding, edit that Etnies riders Nikita Zharkov and Alexey Maltsev recently filmed and edited by themselves. Alexey also pulled one of the longest crank slides ever. Enjoy.
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Stress Team Promo Part 3

Third and final Stress Team promo edit featuring Sasha Prokof’ev, Nikita Zharkov and Max Grek. Check out these three shredders getting some moves down at a few skateparks around Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Nikita Zharkov For Etnies

Nikita Zharkov from Russia came out with a fresh new edit for his new sponsor Etnies. This quickie shows you how good Nikita is and that he definitely deserves it.