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Bang With GBB – Mixtape

This is the first ever mixtape form the Gangbang Bikes crew featuring almost 16 minutes of solid street riding from Timothy Jones, Niklas Wille, Adrian Kölz, Leon Berthold, Lukas Gallinger, Hagen Schubert and Dennis Erhardt. If you don’t know how to spent next twenty minutes of you life, you definitely need to watch this piece. Enjoy.
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Freedom BMX – Gangbang Bikes Edit

It looks like this piece took a little longer to come out than expected, but it was definitely worth the wait. Freedom BMX met up with Adrian Kölz, Niklas Wille, Leon Berthold, Timothy Jones, Dennis Erhardt, Oskar Martens, Hagen Schubert, Lukas Gallinger and Graziano Lombardo from the Gangbang Bikes team to make an exclusive web edit for the page. German kids are going wilder and wilder.
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Gangbang Bikes – Niklas Wille And Hagen Schubert “Afternoon Session II”

Niklas Wille and Hagen Schubert getting things done at their small local skatepark one afternoon for the Gangbang Bikes. I don’t know if words “just a short web edit” are the right choice for this piece, because these two nailed down several of really good and solid moves, definitely worth taking a watch.
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Gangbang Bikes In The Winter

Just got this new mixtape from the Gangbang Bikes crew out of Germany, that shows the world, that even if it is winter time and freaking cold outside, they still throwing down sessions at their local skatepark on a daily basis. Featuring Niklas Wille, Timothy Jones, Leon Berthold, Lukas Gallinger, Adrian Kölz and Hagen Schubert. Nothing will stop these dudes.
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Gangbang Bikes Freestyle Film Festival

This video was filmed for the Freedom BMX video contest and got second place. Gangbang BMX riders Adrian Koelz, Niklas Wille and Hagen Schubert did a really good job, from riding to filming and editing. This black and white piece includes tons of really good riding clips on the streets around Berlin, Basel and their hometown of Freiburg, Germany. If you are at home chilling, I definitely recommend you to watch this one.
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GBB Visit Sven Avemaria

The GangbangBikes riders Adrian Kölz and Niklas Wille visited their local Überlingen Skatepark for a few session to ride, film and most important to have fun. These two definitely pull a few cool moves and last smith to hard 360 sure was unexpected.
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Timothy Jones GBB B-Day Jam

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Adrian Kölz, Niklas Wille, Leon Berthold, Dennis Ehardt, Timothy Jones, Paul Baumann and more brought out on this street spot a flat rail and a flat ledge and threw down a jam to celebrate Timothy’s birthday. Guys sure had a lot of fun.