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Simone Barraco In Cuba – Making Of

Here is a great behind the scenes/making of video from Simone Barraco and Hadrien Picard’s Cuban adventure, filmed all on a Nokia Lumia 1020. If you know what you are doing you pretty much don’t need some super high technology to film a good edit, only a proper smart phone.
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Simone Barraco In Cuba

Nokia teamed up with Simone Barraco and Hadrien Picard and sent them on a trip to Cuba to shot clips using Lumia 1020. No mater what you put into hands of Hadrien Picard something amazing will come out. Simone riding some really amazing spots with a pretty wild ender. Country clips, riding clips, clips from locals and more. Hit play and enjoy.
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Simone Barraco In Cuba Teaser

Nokia is doing a really good job lately in the BMX wolrd with all sorts of sweet projects like this one from Simone Barraco’s trip to Cuba is. This is just a teaser of an coming full edit, that was entirely shot with a Nokia Lumia 1020. Stay tuned, Monday is not far away.
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Lost Spots – Santoo And Hadrien Picard

Oh my, this is absolutely amazing. Hadrien Picard and Adrien Santoluca aka Santoo teamed up and put a Nokia Lumia 925 on a test and came out with something so good, you won’t even notice it was filmed with a smart phone. This is the kind of stuff I really like, weird spots, fun spots, not much tricks and going big.
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#NokiaPureViews “Lost Spots” – Santoo By Hadrien Picard Teaser

Teaser for an upcoming project from Hadrien Picard and Santoo called “Lost Spots” in collaboration with Nokia, filmed on a Lumia 925. Even if the final product will be filmed with a smart phone and a smart phone only, you know when Hadrien Picard is holding it, it will be amazing.
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Nokia Pure Views – Justin Fouque By Hadrien Picard

We have seen the teaser for the Nokia Pure Views web video, made by Hadried Picard and here is now the final product. Hadrien and Justin Fouque took a Nokia Lumia smart phone and hit the streets, backyard ramp setups, indoor ramps and also trails and produce one really amazing edit. Have in mind that all this is filmed with a phone, no fancy cameras and stuff. Just amazing.
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Nokia Pureviews – Anthony Perrin By Hadrien Picard – The Making Of

Here are behind the scenes from making of the recent Nokia Puerviews video featuring Anthony Perrin by Hadrien Picard. It really amazing how much can be done with using just a smart phone (Nokia Lumia in this case) and the idea with boiled water at the end is incredible.
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Nokia Pureviews – Anthony Perrin By Hadrien Picard

Anthony Perrin and Hadrien Picard teamed up for the Nokie Puerviews project and filmed a clip entirely with using a Nokia Lumia. It is Hadrien and it is Anthony who we are talking about and even if filmed with a smart phone this is absolutely amazing. The level of Perrin’s riding is unreal and so tech.
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Mellon Test – Nokia Lumia 800

I know this has pretty much nothing to do with BMX, but I think it definitely deserves a post.
Guys over at Nokia contacted me if I am into testing a phone, Lumia 800, for them and I sure was. So here it is, I have this phone and I will try to do as much as possible with it, to see how it all works. This is also the first time for me to have a touch screen phone, so it will going to be fun.
Right now I must say that the phone feels amazing, it’s a bit heavier and this is what I like, I also love the menu, it’s simple and clean.
Full review later next month.

James Ivett In Barcelona With Nokia Lumia 900

To celebrate the release of the new Nokia Lumia 900 at Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia challenged James Ivett to test it out in and around Barcelona, Spain. It’s pretty cool to see companies like Nokia supporting BMX.
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