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Mike Clark Aka Hucker Welcome To ODI Grips Edit

Mike Clark aka Hucker joined the ODI Grips squad and this is his official video introduction, which is a must watch. Mike is an all around shredder, he can kill trails and he can kill skateparks. He is always having so much fun riding his bike and always puts out such good vibes. From shredding the famous Sheep Hill trails to bombing Herada skatepark and more. Try not miss this one because if you do, you will do crime. The one and only Mike Hucker is solid and he is capable of pretty much everything he wants. Dude shreds super hard so press play button above and enjoy watching Hucker in action.

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ODI’s “The Magic Bus” Monthly Web Series Trailer

ODI “The Magic Bus” Monthly Web Series Trailer from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

Video is made by Larry Alvarado and here is what they have to say:
“ODI is proud to present ‘The Magic Bus’ Monthly Web Series. Visit to get your monthly pass. Full parts from the full ODI team including Brendon Reith, Alex Raban, Jared Eberwein, Chris Brown, Tony Malouf, Justin Henninger, Mark Rubio, Raul Ruiz, Larry Alvarado, Kirk Shearer, George Ramirez, Jackson Ratima, and Eric Lichtenberger. Thanks for viewing!”ODI