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Odyssey Vision – Calicrewzin

Follow Odyssey riders Aaron Ross, Broc Raiford, Gary Young and Grant Germain on their Californian trips. Five minutes of top notch street riding with around two minutes of quality bonus section. It is Friday evening over here and this was just perfect and in time before a horror movie gets started. Hit play girls and guys and enjoy the riding, the vibes and the music.
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Odyssey Gary Young V2 Grips Sneak Peek

Odyssey just dropped a sneak peek of Gary Young’s version two grips up on their Instagram. Besides, that these will be out soon, there is no more informations about them.

No Flatland At 2013 Texas Toast Jam

It looks like there will be no flatland event at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam. Read below to see what is the reason.
“We thought we had a new venue sorted out for Toast that would have given us more room and we have planned from the beginning to include flat. However, due to some city red tape that venue fell through just recently. Luckily we were able too work out a deal to have Toast at the same lumber yard it was last year. Since the city of Austin is seeing explosive growth right now the lumber yard is busier than ever! It is literally packed with lumber and building materials. The warehouse we used for flat last year is going to be off limits to us. Although it seem like hosting a flatland contest would be the easiest of all events (with no ramps to build) it actually can be quite challenging to find good flat ground. The lumberyard really has no alternative space that we could use for flat. We had considered doing an invite only event in between the ramps on the street course but that seemed to be getting away from the original idea of Toast. We want everyone to be able to have fun and ride. Flat on the street course would mean minimal practice for the riders and only a select group of folks would even get to ride (because the street course is so busy with street).”Odyssey

Kevin Porter On Mutiny And Odyssey

Not long ago we posted the news that Kevin Porter parted ways with his long time sponsor Fly Bikes and look what happened now. Kevin dropped this Instagram video showing support to his new sponsors, Mutiny and Odyssey.

New Odyssey Tripod Monogram Seat And Post Available Now

I know a lot of you were waiting for this to happen and it finally did. Odyssey brought Tripod seat system to their Monogram seat which is available now. We already posted a sneak peek of Tom Dugan’s signature seat with this system, so you know this one will also be available for your to pick up in the coming weeks/months.

Odyssey Texas Toast Jam Ad

The Texas Toast Jam 2013 will be happening from October 18th to October 20th and here is a print ad featuring Gary Young doing his thing, that Odyssey just dropped. mark you calendars for this one girls and guys.

Odyssey – Tom Dugan And Monogram Tripod System Seats

Tom Dugan’s signature Odyssey tripod seat

Not long ago someone asked when will Odyssey start bringing Tripod system to their seats. The mystery is no more. Tom Dugan posted a photo of his signature Odyssey seat with the Tripod system and later Odyssey posted the new that the Monogram seat and seat post with that exact system is available now.

Odyssey Monogram seat/seat post – Tripod version

Let’s Roast Cycles Grand Opening

Let’s Roast Cycles’ grand opening flyer

This upcoming Sunday, September 1st, 2013, there will be a grand opening of the new BMX shop, Let’s Roast Cycles, in Chicago, so make sure you be there if you are living anywhere near the place. There will also be Odyssey and Sunday Bikes prop Aaron Ross hanging around.

The Hunt 2012 – Ed Zunda

And here we have it now, finally. The winning section from The Hunt 2012 video contest featuring no other than Ed Zunda has dropped on the web as part of Ride BMX’S Monday Edits. Three minutes of solid street riding, style and simply amazing stuff. Ed really killed it with his section and no wonder why he earned himself a spot on the Odyssey team and a trip to Hawaii. If by any chance you haven’t seen this thing yet, you must watch it now, I guarantee you, you’ll gonna enjoy it and you’ll get pumped enough to go out and throw down a session with your friends.
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Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin Collaboration

Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin collaboration

Looks like Aaron Ross, Odyssey and Quintin have teamed up for a collaboration of hats and pivotal seats. This will be a limited run, so start saving your money, cause these products will be out soon and ready for your and your bike.

Patch on Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin collaboration seat