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Odyssey TGif – Sean Sexton

Odyssey is back with their TGif series and they got one pretty serious line for you featuring Sean Sexton. A 180 barspin to fakie to fakie downside tailwhip. This was also seen on their ODSY in PHX video.

Gary Young Bike Check And Wallpaper

Gary Young, the X Games Barcelona Park gold medalist, is showing you his current orange Sunday/Odyssey whip in the flipbook above. Gary deserved gold, cause he came to the park with his unique and wild approach and everyone loves that. Also if you like the photo of Gary in action, you can set it for your desktop wallpaper.

Sean Sexton Odyssey Ad

Latest Odyssey print ad featuring Sean Sexton with one big toothpick 360 over a rail and drop to promote and announce that his signature SXTN top load stem is available now. This one can be found in the new issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Seen on Defgrip.

Odyssey Sean Seaxton “SXTN” Stem Available Now

Sean Sexton’s signature Odyssey SXTN top load stem is available now and comes in four color options, bronze, green and black, features 48mm reach and is made out of 6061 aluminum. Solid but yet simple and clean design.

Odyssey Tom Dugand TDFL Stem Available Now

Tom Dugan’s signature Odyssey TDFL front load stems are available now. They are made out of 6061 aluminum and come in two length options, 45mm and 53mm and four different color options. For more photos and specifications, head over to the Odyssey page.

Odyssey Monogram Principal Saddle Available Now

Odyssey’s popular Principal pivotal seat now comes in the Monogram version, which features a black suede material, their Monogram logo and “Built To Last” slogan. You know where you can get this one if you dig it, so don’t wait.

Tom Dugan Odyssey Wallpaper

Tom Dugan going big with this one footed euro table for Odyssey’s latest wallpaper, which is now ready for you to download and to set as your new and freshened up desktop background. Photo by Walter Pieringer.

Odyssey Mike Aitken Signature Grips Available Now

We have seen a sneak peek of Mike Aitken’s signature grips from Odyssey quite some time ago, but now the news dropped that these are available now, so contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get yourself a pair of these.

Odyssey Chase Hawk Whitewall Tires

If you like a fat tire, if you like a tire with low profile and if you like a tire with white walls than Chase Hawk’s new signature Odyssey tire is something for you.

Odyssey Vision – ODSY In PHX Edit

Odyssey sent Sean Sexton, Eric Lichtenberger, Grant Germain and Mat Houck to Phoenix, Arizona to get some shredding done on some amazing street spots and to film for a new Odyssey Vision episode. You know the crew is heavy so you know you will be seeing some heavy and technical stunts. Sean got pretty wild in here, especially off the bike.
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