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Odyssey Ballistic Principal Seats Available Now

Odyssey all new pivotal Principle seats are available now and they for a limited run they are available in a ballistic nylon option. These seats are based on the Vagabond rucksack and utilize the same material. Available only in black and navy.

Odyssey In PHX Wallpapers

Odyssey has four new wallpapers for you guys from their ODSY in PHX photo gallery, featuring Sean Sexton, Grant Germain, Eric Lichtenberger and Matt Houck. Make your way over there and download your favorite, or download all and make a slide show.

Odyssey A+, Q1 And Q2 Wheels Available Now

For 2013 Odyssey has three new wheelsets in store for you to choose from. The A+ wheelset (Antigram + Aerospace), the Q1 (Quartet + Hazard Lite) and the Q2 (Quartet + Quadrant). If you are looking for some new wheel, give these a closer look and than hit your local shop or favorite mail order and pick the one that works best for you.

Odyssey Vision – ODSY In PHX Photo Gallery

Odyssey’s Eric Lichtenberger, Sean Sexton, Mat Houck and Grant Germain took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to shred some amazing spots and to film for a new Odyssey Vision video. The video drops on May 3rd, but now, check out some photos, shot by Walter Pieringer, to tease you up.
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Odyssey Hunter Green And Bronze Colorways Available Now

Odyssey added two new colorways to their 2013 line, the hunter green and bronze. These two colors have been added to the Chas Hawk’s C-512 sprocket, Tom Dugan’s TDFL stem, Sean Sexton’s SXTN stem, Evo 2 brakes, monolever and antigram hub. Hit you local shop, or favorite mail order if you dig them.

Odyssey Tom Dugan Grips Available Now

Tom Dugan’s signature grips from Odyssey are available now, so contact your local shop, or favorite mail order and get a pair. These feature a fatter design across the heavy wear areas. Par ends included.

Tom Dugan Bike Check

Odyssey made a fresh new bike check with Tom Dugan an his fit TD350 setup in black. Flip through the flipbook and check out this clean and dialed looking unit along with a photo of Tom boosting a massive air and one of him meditating.
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Gary Young Odyssey Ad

Spotted this one over on th Defgrip web site. Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring Gary Young putting his pegs to use for Ride BMX magazine, issue 175.

48 Hours Giveaway – Odyssey Pack

Fresh new giveaway is on. This time we are giving away Chase Hawk’s signature Odyssey grips, Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals and Odsy and Mellon stickers. Hit up our Facebook page for all the rules, enter and good luck.

Chase Hawk Odyssey Ad

Just saw this one up on Defgrip and it is the latest Odyssey print ad featuring Chase Hawk going with style over the rails and the Tomahawk stem, C-5012 sprocket, grips and tires. This one can be found in the 174th issue of Ride UK.