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Yep, Texast Toast Jam is back for 2013 and will took place from October 18th till 20th, 2013. Mark your calendars and start preparing yourself for another amazing event.

Odyssey – Lloyd Wright And Jared Swafford

When Lloyd Wright was in Austin, Texas, he and Jared Swafford hopped on motorcycles and cruised around, did some fishing and of course riding. Odyssey was there to capture some of the moments and now put them together in this flipbook for you to check out.

Odyssey Spring 2013 Quick Strike Hats

Odyssey dropped a really limited edition of their Quick Strike hats for spring 2013. These come in 25 each and are exclusively available through their web store, so act fast, because you know these will go fast.

Lloyd Wright Bike Check And Wallpaper

Odyssey caught up with their UK connection Lloyd Wright, while he was staying in Austin, Texas, to shots a few photos of his bike for his new bike check. Flip through the flipbook above and find all the parts he is running at the end.
The photo that you will see in the bike check above is also used for their and yours newest wallpaper.

Odyssey Warehouse Jam

This is the third version of the highlights from the recent Full Factory Distribution Warehouse sale/jam, this time from the FHQ Studio. Just another proof that everyone who came had good time. Check it out.

Odyssey – The 316 House

This is a quick Devon Hutchins documentary, that documents a three months period at the 316 house in Austin, Texas where Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford and Mat Houck live, along with Aaron Ross and Jabari Winters who are constantly hanging out over there. There is always something fun going on over there, so I am sure these guys are never bored.
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Odyssey Springfield Brake And Lever Available Now

The main goal Odyssey wanted to achieve with the all new Springfield brake and lever is the simplicity when it comes to putting the brake together. This kit is now available at your local shop or favorite mail order and if you need more info on the brake and lever visit Odyssey page.

Odyssey Spring 2013 Softgoods Available Now

The 2013 Odyssey spring softgoods are in stock and ready to be worn. You can buy this at your local show, via mail orders or via Odyssey’s web store. Above is a flipbook for you to check out what they got, if you haven’t seen any photos before.

Odyssey Chase Hawk White Wall Tires Available Now

Chase Hawk’s signature Odyssey tires are now available in a new white wall colorway. You should contact your local shop or favorite mail order to get your hands on these.

Odyssey Sean Sexton And Tom Dugan Oil Slick Stems Available Now

The long awaited Odyssey Sean Sexton’s top load and Tom Dugan’s front load stems in Oil Slick colorway are available now. There will be only 300 of each available worldwide and each one is numbered. You think you can get the number one?