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Odyssey – Chase Gouin Uncut

After being off the bike for several year, due to battling chronic medical issues, Chase Gouin is finally back on his bike and already came out with this seven minutes long piece for Odyssey. Definitely happy for everyone who gets one the bike and fights over all the problems, medical or non-medical.
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Hoang Tran Odyssey Ad

Dig posted Odyssey’s latest print ad featuring the one and only Hoang Tran boosting a crazy invert out of this fun looking bowl. Black and white baby.

Full Factory Distro – March Madness Warehouse Sale

You need new parts, but you don’t have enough money? No problem, Full Factory Distribution is having a warehouse sale on March 23rd, 2013, where you will buy Odyssey, Sunday, Fairdale, GSport and Flatware products for a cheaper price. That’s not all, you will also get a chance to ride with their team riders, session ramps and rails and enjoy the food and drinks.

Odyssey – Aaron Ross Lone Star Kit Video

Odyssey is happy to introduce you a very limited edition of the Aaron Ross Lone Star kit. You can pick between two T-shirt designs, a woven shirt and a shop coat, but hurry up, there were only 25 made of each. Watch a promo edit with Aaron riding his motorcycle and of course his bike and making the table, that we all saw on his Instagram, above and also check a flipbook below, to check the limited run of products.

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Blizzard Of Odsy Sale

For a very limited time only, till February 10th, you get a 30% off on all orders over $25 that ou will made in Odyssey’s online web store. Hurry up if you want to get yourself some fresh new stuff.

Odyssey Full Length Aitken Hellbent Gloves Available Now

Mike Aitken’s signature Hellbent gloves from Odyssey are now available in full length version and come in three different colors, black, distressed and oxblod. Hit your local shop, contact your favorite mail order and visit Odyssey’s online store to get your hand on these.

Odyssey Socket Drive Thunderbolts And Killington Sprocket Available Now

Odyssey’s all new socket drive Thunderbolt cranks and the new Killington sprocket are available now. They were using this system already with the Flatware cranks and it was just a matter of time when they will include it in the Thunderbolt cranks. Voila, here it is now.

Flying And Fishing With KC Badger

KC Badger is a big fas of fishing, so Odyssey decided to make something different for his new web edit. They went on a little fishing adventure and ended up filming some concrete and dirt clips also. Great seeing a mix of two completely opposite sports, if I can call it like that. Hit play for style and for fishes.
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Chase Hawk Injury Update

Odyssey dropped a quick injury updated with Chase Hawk to talk about how he is doing during the recovery process. He pretty much tries to keep him busy and also did a few runs on his bike yesterday. Hope to see this guy back in the game soon.

J.F. Boulianne Video Bike Check

After the Texas Toast Jam, Odyssey caught up with J.F. Boulianne, while on the road back to California from the Toast to talk about the bike he is currently riding and to film some fresh new moves. See what this guy got for us.
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