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Ole Andre Kristiansen – Home Town Glory

OK people, get ready now, it is Ole Andre Kristiansen who you will be watching next and if you are following him, you know this kid is mad. After seven months of stacking clips with Robin Helgesen, this piece is now finished. From super technical stuff to insane barspin drops, this one features so much crazy good moves. Must see.
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Simple Bike Co – Roskilde 2013

Samuel Segawa dropped this year’s Roskilde edit in collaboration with Simple Bike Co featuring Ole Andre Kristiansen, James Reynolds, Joe Embrey, Patrick Alaspaa, Oliver Jonasson and Asger Duus. Roskilde is a festival in Denmark and this was all filmed during the time of festival. A lot of good stuff in here, so check it out and spent your next four minutes quality and don’t waist it for some other crap.
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Adrian Malmberg And Ole Andre Kristiansen – One Day In Ventspils

Right after Adrian Malmberg’s pretty amazing web video for Simple Bike Co, that dropped yesterday, here is something more from this guy, this time in a split web video with his friend Ole Andre Kristiansen, filmed over the course of one day at the skatepark in Ventspils. Both served with an amazing amount of dope moves and lines, all worth checking out. Filmed and edited by Karolis Jonikas.
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Ole Andre Kristiansen Welcome To Simple

I was waiting for this one to drop for a while now and I knew when it will be ready for watching it will be sick and I ain’t wrong. Ole Andre Krisitansen is the newest Simple shredder and here is his welcome to the team edit, filmed completely in Malaga, Spain. It is simply too much good stuff in here to start naming my favorite ones, so I will let you click that play button now, to enjoy in some fine and stylish street riding. Filmed and edited by Herman Bogeberg.
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Ole Andre Kristiansen On Simple

Ole Andre Kristiansen from Norway is the latest addition to the Simple team. I am sure we can expect a lot from this guy, cause he is really good when it comes to bike riding. If you don’t believe, watch his The Hunt part, that he filmed with Ola Selsjord.

The Hunt – Norway W/ Ola Selsjord & Ole Andre Kristiansen

Norway’s Ola Selsjord and Ole Andre Kristiansen are really killing it lately. We have seen a few videos of these two, Ola usually with helmet and Ole with a hat or beanie, but this one is the best so far. They filmed all these clips for The Hunt video part at some amazing street spots that country is offering. Both are really good riders, so please watch them while murdering spot after spot.
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Game Of Bike – Ola Selsjord Vs Ole Andre Kristiansen

While on a short trip up to Sundsvall, Sweden, Norway riders Ola Selsjord and Ole Andre Kristiansen managed to film a game of bike. First, it is awesome to see park and street shredder in a battle of game of bike and second, these two are really good so it gets really tight at the end.
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Lucia Jam 2012

Here is a short documentary from Ola Selsjord’s and Ole Andre Kristiansen’s little trip from Norway to Sundsvall, Sweden, to compete at the Lucia Jam 2012. These two destroyed the park and went home with first and second place.

Ole Andre Kristiansen – Fall 2012

17 years old Ole Andre Kristiansen from Norway has been busy this year with filming. Over the fall he managed to collect enough clips to drop a fresh new, pretty much amazing, street edit. This guy has style, skills and knows how to mix everything together to look smooth.
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Ole Andre Kristiansen Spring 2012 Edit

Ole Andre Kristiansen came out with a really solid new street edit in which he put quite a lot of time. Awesome style and crazy 540 and truck driver at the end. Must see and enjoy.
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