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Monkey Camp One Day Edit

MONKEY CAMP / One Day edit from YakuzaBMX on Vimeo.

One day edit at the Kamil Feifer’s Monkey Camp indoor ramp setup featuring Jakub Juza, Ondra Slez, David Foglar, Zdenda Pesek, Ludek Sedlar, Vita Kacha, Ondra Havlicek, Ondrej Hudy Hudec, Jiri Blabol, Kamil Feifer, Tomas Randa and more.
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Ondra Slez – California Trip

Ondra Slez California from 34R – BMX COMPANY on Vimeo.

Ondra Slez took a trip to California this year, where he visited a few skateparks and managed to film tons of big and wild tricks. Even if the trip was short, he didn’t have problems getting this web edit done. Everyone who knows Ondra knows that he can go huge.
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David Foglar 2013 Edit

This is David Foglar summer 2013 web edit, filmed at a few different skatepark locations in Czech Republic and Germany, filmed and edited by Ondra Slez. David has a lot of dope moves on lock and is not afraid of pulling big 540 over jump boxes. Enjoy.
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34R Team On A Trip To BMX Worlds 2013

The 34R crew, consisting of Ondra Slez, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Vita Kacha, Jakub Juza, Stefan Pauli, Danny Josa, Michal Teichman, Jan Hubka, Lukas Barta, Pavel Hyvnar and Kamil Feifer, took a trip to Cologne, Germany for the BMX Worlds event and this is a little documentary from their adventure.
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34R Team At Simple Session 2013

I don’t remember how this wasn’t posted up here before, but yeah, better late than never. The 34R team riders Ondra Slez, Ricky Moseley, Camila Harambour and Talis Viirpalu riding the Simple Session 2013 course. It is summer time and it is awesome to remember the cold days, when most of the world is seating behind their screens watching the event.
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Ondra Slez – Flair Tailwhip To tailtap

One really ridiculous stunt from Ondra Slez at the skatepark. Flair tailwhip to tailtap. This is kinda hard, isn’t it? But Ondra pulled it so clean and so smooth. What next, barspin into quarter pipe?
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34R – Cali Trip Video

How can this be on the web for two months and I spotted it just now? Well, anyway, 34R Bike Company riders Jan Janecka and Ondra Slez went on a trip to California a few months back, to enjoy the life, to party, visit casinos and to ride their bikes. They came back with this enjoyable eight and a half minutes long video, that fits perfectly in a cold Sunday afternoon.
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David Foglar – Cold And Colder

David Foglar has been busy filming clips over September and November at five different skateparks for this new “Cold and Colder” web edit. David likes doing fakie variations, whips and some tech stuff, filmed and edited by Ondra Slez.
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34R Summer Tour 2012

This past summer 34R send 16 riders on a thirteen days long road trip visiting Nass festival, Bristol Jam, Crucial Distribution, Herten Germany, Wicked Woods, Gs distribution and Bmx Worlds in Cologne. You’ll need to get comfy to watch this video, featuring Ondra Slez, Danny Josa, Fat Tony, Catfish, Big Daddy, Stefan Pauli, Vilibald Vitek, Zdenda Pesek, Kamil Feifer, Pavel Hyvnar, Lukas Barta, Michal Teichman, Mikolas Kafunek, Jarda Jörka, Pazli and David Lorenz, cause it has tons of good stuff.

Ondra Slez Edit

Fresh new Ondra Slez edit filmed during some contest and some random shredding, with a few sweet as clips straight from his helmet. Ondra is an amazing rider and definitely never disappoints and this edit is a proof of that.
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