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Operativ – Alex Magallan Edit

OPERATIV ALEX MAGALLAN from Operativ on Vimeo.

This is Alex Magallan’s first Operativ web video and he pretty much killed it with it, as usual. Alex and his unique approach to riding bikes, especially street riding, is always a treat to watch and this one is no different. Hit it and enjoy some wild Alex-style riding.
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Operativ – Chad Ring’s Ollies Session

Snow? Hell no, I hope it will be warm for at least a good months or so. Anyways, this new web edit from Operativ rider Chad Ring is fire. He hit the Ollies indoor skatepark, which is located in Florence, Kentucky, earlier this year and completely destroyed it with his original and super fast riding. This was so freaking enjoyable and the black and white style is making it even better. Filmed and edited by Kevin Christy.
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Brad Simms On Operativ

I just spotted this over on Instagram that Operativ has added Brad Simms to their team.
“We’re amped to announce Brad Simms joins the Operativ BMX crew alongside riders David Grant, Bobby Simmons, Chad Ring and Alex Magallan. As a living BMX legend, Brad enjoy the globe-trotting lifestyle every rider dreams about. All of this didn’t come without hustle and hard work, though. Humbly honing his skills in the empty parking lots of Indian Head, Maryland built the foundation for an onslaught of video parts, X Games appearances, and some of the most memorable street moves in the game. From his extensive travels he has acquired a truly unique perspective of the world around him and continues to leave a path of destruction wherever he goes. I am honored to have known Brad since the Shook and Micreation days and can’t say enough good things about his riding and him as a person. Looking forward to the times ahead and keep an eye out for Brad’s first Operativ edit dropping in the near future!”– Josh Shure, Operativ

Alex Magallan On Operativ Brand

Alex Magallan from Nashville, Tennessee is now officially on the Operativ Brand. He joined Bobby Simmons, Chad Ring, David Grant and Josh Suhre.

DIG / Operativ – Chad Ring Edit

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“We’ve got another DIG exclusive edit for you, courtesy of Operativ who came through with this great new exclusive edit for DIG, featuring DIG 85 Sturdy Wrists subject, Chad Ring and a bunch of his wild moves from the article. Chad definitely ain’t scared!”DIG.
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