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Noe Orozco Welcome To Osiris Spain


Noe Orozco is the newest is the newest member of the Osiris Spain team and here is his welcome to the team edit as solid as it gets. Really good style Noe has and he sure enjoys shredding streets. Get familiar with this kid by pressing the play button above.

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Bea Ibanez Welcome To Osiris Spain

Girls, girls, girls. Bea Ibanez is a female shredder out of Spain who just got added to the Osiris Spain team and this is her welcome to the team edit. Not only this girl has a smooth style, but he can pull backflips, 360s, wallrides and even grinds ledges without pegs. Never really heard for her before, so I am stoked to post this piece up here. Must see.
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Osiris – Sean Burns 2013 Edit

Does Sean Burns ever put out something a little more one the chill side? No. Sean always goes full speed, jumping insane gaps, dropping off big setups, grinding down wild rails and riding spots a normal person won’t even think about trying them out. It was pretty much the same with his 2013 web edit for his shoe sponsor Osiris. Sean is insane and then that last clips… Just click play and see it for yourself.
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Christian Balmaceda Welcome To Osiris Argentina

Christian Balmaceda has just been added to the Osiris team in Argentina and to make thing official they dropped his welcome to the team edit, full of good street spots and solid riding. Enjoy.
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Tyler Fernengel – Insane Bicycle Stunt

Ha! This is awesome, sick, funny, wild, insane, you name it. It just happened that this guy, Jon Shaw, have the camera with him, when Tyler Fernengel filmed that insane roof drop to double peg grind for his recent Osiris 2013 web edit. You don’t wanna miss Jon’s reaction.
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Osiris – Tyler Fernengel 2013 Edit

It is simply unreal how good and how crazy 17 years old Tyler Fernengel is. This new Osiris piece, filmed in three days right after his 17th birthday is a good proof. It starts with insane move, it ends with an insane move and in between there is even more insane moves. You guys should better watch this one.
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Darryl Tocco Off Osiris

After five years of riding for them, Darry Tocco is now off Osiris team. Read from him personally below.
“I’m no longer riding for Osiris shoes. Huge thank you to Kyle Carlson and William Prokop for the amazing opportunity, I’m extremely grateful for the past 5 years. One time they even put me in a crazy commercial that ran on MTV, haha. Cheers.”

Sean Ricany Off Osiris

It looks like Sean Ricany is riding no more for his shoe sponsor Osiris. No more info yet. Maybe this is going to be a sponsor change? Maybe not? We shall see.

Total BMX X Osiris – JC Pieri’s Fun Edit

When JC Pieri gets on his bike he is always having fun on it and always films something cool, original, creative and funny. This is one of the top funniest edits he ever filmed and he filmed it for his sponsors Total BMX and Osiris. So awesome.
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Osiris “Chino Low” Test By Roger Soler

Roger Soler is one of the newest addition to Osiris’ international team and since he is currently working on a welcome to the team edit, he still wanted to get something done before it drops. He decided to test his Chino low shoes and put them to use at the Bike Paradise indoor skatepark.
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