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OSS “Ruin Your Whole Summer” Full Video

The third full length OSS video, “Ruin Your Whole Summer,” is now on the world wide web. It includes full parts from Alex Raban, Alex Donnachie, Matty Long, Alex Platt, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Zach Krejmas, Charlie Crumlish and Craig Passero along with all their friends. Half an hours of madness, from big and insane stuff, to technical and creative moves. You better start pressing on that play button now.
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OSS – Ruin Your Whole Summer Trailer

The third OSS video “Ruin Your Whole Summer” will be officially premiered on July 3rd at the Long Beach Arts Theater, but in the mean time, what the trailer TCU just dropped to pump you up. It will feature whole parts from Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Alex Raban, Matty Long, Alex Donnachie, Diego “Mono” Navarro, Alex Platt, Zach Krejmas and the rest of the OSS team. This one is going to be so good.
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OSS – Diego “Mono” Navarro Edit

OSS rider Diego “Mono” Navarro from Argentina is back with another crazy web edit, filmed mostly (if not all) in beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. I am always happy to see new stuff of this guy, cause he has ridiculously good style and some amazing and tech skills on that bike. Must see.
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Stevie Churchill OSS #ramptramp

Stevie Churchill doing it for OSS at the Volume Bikes/Demolition’s ramps. What Stevie can do with barspins and tailwhips is from another planet. He also pulled a 900 in this one, which really surprised me. Enough talking, click play above and enjoy in not your every day edited edit.
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OSS – Charlie Crumlish #Footyflip

Charlie Crumlsih has been busy filming clips over the past few months for this fresh new #Footyflip web edit he just came out with, for his sponsors Stranger, Merritt, Lotek, Albe’s and OSS. It is almost ridiculous how much original and creative stuff Charlie pulled in this one. Enjoy.
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OSS Denver Nugs 2011

In case you haven’t seen the second OSS DVD, the Denver Nugs, from back in 2011 yet, they now posted it online.
“During the month of September 2011 the OSS team got a house in Denver and filmed every single day for a full month. Riders featured:
Alex Platt, Devin Feil, Mike Mastroni, Tate Roskelley, Craig Passero, Alex Raban, Charlie Crumlish, Garrett Reeves, Jake Seeley, Zach Krejmas, Gabe Brooks, Scotty Wemmer, Matty Long, Shawn Macintosh, David Grant, Stevie Churchill, Drew Hosselton and Dustin Arp. Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni.”
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Stevie Churchill OSS Ad

The newest addition to the OSS crew, Stevie Churchill, pulling a perfect opposite tooth hanger down the stairs, first try, for OSS’s latest print ad, that you can fin in the 90th issue of the Dig magazine.
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Diego “Mono” Navarro Welcome To OSS

Every time I see the name Diego “Mono” Navarro I just can not wait to see what he filmed for us this time. During the OSS stay in Barcelona, Spain, filming for their upcoming “Ruin Your Whole Summer” video they met Mono, unbelievable good Argentinian rider, with ridiculous nose manual skills. Right away they knew that Mono is the guy who will representing OSS and so they filmed the welcome to the team edit, filmed by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz. All I will say about it is that it is an absolute, 100% must see.
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Alex Platt’s Injury Story / Signature OSS Hat Promo

Wear helmets kids.
“Most people who’ve been in the BMX game for a while know that Alex Platt suffered from a major head injury, but besides his close group of friends, nobody really knows exactly what he went through, nor have they heard the incredible Barcelona hospital escape tale. We sat him down to talk about it, and also to go over what went into making his signature brain scan hat for OSS. Features some riding from his Peg Leg section, some classic unseen crashes surrounding it, and even an unseen clip on the Albany kinker to top it off.”OSS

Alex Raban OSS Ad

Alex Raban with a smith grind for OSS’ latest advert featured in DIG magazine, issue 88. Check full ad after the jump.
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