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Pablo Rojas Web Edit

Pablo Rojas hit up a few skateparks to film clips for his new and last web edit for 2013 and he did a really good job with the riding. Big stuff, opposite stuff, regular stuff, you name, it, Pablo nailed down plenty of hot moves for you to enjoy watching. Costa Rica is getting stronger and stronger in the game of BMX.
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Pablo Rojas Welcome To Dunkelvolk

It really amazes me each day, how many good riders we already have around the globe and how strong BMX is getting. What will happen in next five years or so? I hope it will get all over the place. Pablo Rojas is from Costa Rica and he is the newest member of the Dunkelvok brand and this is his welcome to the team edit.
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Walding Hernandez 2013 Edit

San Carlos, Costa Rica based shredder Walding Hernandez getting things done at the trails and skateparks and all the best moves got captured on Pablo Rojas’ camera. I wanna see BMX get to every single spots in the world, that would be so awesome.
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