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Colony – Woodward West Shootout 2013

Colony’s Alex Hiam, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay, Bobby Altiser and Paddy Gross spent a week at Woodward West to film for this year’s 2013 Woodward West Shootout. Like all the rest of the teams, they also came out really solid with tons and tons of amazing stuff. Go.
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Getting Serious With Ben Hucke – Episode 7

Sweet, the seventh episode of Getting Serious With Ben Hucke, brought to you by Diamondback is here. Ben is prinitng T-shirt, well not actually, he just watches the whole process, rollerblades and does some riding with Levi. Guest clips by Paddy Gross and Aaron Nardi. Seat back, relax and enjoy the vid.
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Paddy Gross “Welcome To America” Edit

I was already asking myself, Where the hell is Paddy Gross hiding, and now this fresh new “Welcome To America” edit from Goods and Shad Johnson drops. It looks like Paddy made the move from Germany to America and all this edit says to me is that he enjoys the life over there, except the broken leg, but I am sure he will get back in the game real soon. Paddy’s tailwhips and manual to tailwhips are so smooth.
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Goods BMX – Fall 2012 Edit

Looks like fall of 2012 was pretty busy for Goods BMX. In this, almost eight and a half minutes long, edit they featured riders like Josh Clemens, Tevor Tremain, Paddy Gross, Shad Johnson, Jesse Leske, Justin Barnes, Pete Sawyer, Pauly Cvikevich, Codie Larsen, Caleb Quanbeck, Bruce Crisman, Vince Kroff and more and made a really good mix tape. It is also super good seeing a few clips from Shad Johnson.
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Paddy Gross Bike Check

Colony’s German rider Paddy Gross has a bike check up on their site showing you guys his current Miner 20.75″ setup.

Paddy Gross Vans Edit 2011

Paddy Gross Vans Edit 2011 from Paddy Gross on Vimeo.

Words from Paddy:
“Footage we’ve collected in the last in 3 Months i spend in Germany before i moved over to the United States. Thanks heaps to Vans for letting my Feet having a blast on every step i take on the Ground and into the Pedals, to my Friend and Vans TM Andy Zeiss for your hard Work and the good Times. Special Thanks to Christian Lutz for being a Friend, a riding Mate, for the filming and the editing. Cheers, Paddy”.
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Paddy Gross Und Christian Lutz

“Christian is one of my best friends and we’re having heaps fun riding our bikes. After 2 months of filming here and there we’ve put together this little edit. We didn’t plan to kill ourselfs and follow any trends or styles, we just had fun and catched the good times on tape, it’s as simple as that. enjoy!”– Paddy.

Colony – Paddy Gross Left Overs

Paddy Gross left overs… from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

“Paddy Gross from Germany, gave us a disc with some left over footage he had laying around. Glen McLaughlin edited it into this little piece here. Enjoy.”Colony

Colony – Paddy Gross

Paddy Gross – Spring 2011 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Here is Paddy Gross’ new edit that he did for Colony. “This is Paddy Gross’s first session outside this spring. Filmed at his home town park in Trier, Germany. It’s good to see him having fun with it & that the weather there is finally coming good.” –Colony. If you missed his interview in mellon 7’s, check it out right now over here.

Mellon 7’s: Paddy Gross

I met Paddy Gross last year in Bucharest, Romania and must say that he’s a really great person. I asked him if he can write down a quick answers on this question for me and here they are.
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