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Pascal Lafontaine “Taz Session” – Preview

TAZ SESSION – PREVIEW – Pascal Lafontaine from OTM on Vimeo.

Pascal Lafontaine is one unreal edit and even if this being just a preview for his upcoming “Taz Session” edit, it is still mind blowing. Expect this one to be seriously technical with tricks and combos that will blow you away and make your jaw drop.
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Pascal Lafontaine 2014 Edit

Pascal Lafontaine is on fire and every time I see something new from him popping out on the web, I know it is going to be wild and extremely technical. This 2014 edit is no different and it will make your jaw drop several time. I don’t know why, but I found his style pretty similar to Devon Smillie’s style, super technical, super smooth, clean and pretty damn insane from time to time.
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Pascal Lafontaine – Outtakes Part 2 Of 2

Pascal Lafontaine – Outtakes ²?? from Nicolas Poitras-Gamache on Vimeo.

It is really crazy how much leftover footage Pascal Lafontaine and Nicolas Poitras-Gamache got over the course of one year filming. This is the part 2 of 2 of the outtakes and even if there is a lot of attempts and crashes in here, it is still a great watch.
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Pascal Lafontaine – Left Over 2013

It is crazy to think that this new web edit of Pascal Lafontaine is made from left over clips from filming for his new project and The Hunt video part, because it is featuring so much insane moves and it could easily be titled ‘just’ with edit. Very skilled rider Pascal Lafontaine is and this one is a must watch. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Nicolas Poitras-Gamache.
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Pascal Lafontaine – Outtakes Part 1 Of 2

Pascal Lafontaine – Outtakes ½ from Nicolas Poitras-Gamache on Vimeo.

Over the course of one year Nicolas Poitras-Gamache, behind the lens, and Pascal lafontaine, behind the bars, got so much leftover clips that they decided to put out an Outtakes edit, not just one, but two. From crashes, to attempts and pulled tricks, there is still so much goodness in here, that I highly suggest you to check it out. Pascal and Nicolas are also working on a new piece, so stay tuned.
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The Hunt 2013 Semi-Finalists

Semi-finalists and the world premiere date for the 2013 The Hunt video is here. Chijioke Okafo, Adam Lee, Sam Mueller, Pascal Lafontaine, Kevin Kuraly, John Dominick, Jake Ortiz, Don Delp and Kevin Ventovaara are semi-fanilast and premiere will happen on November, seventh, 2013.

Pascal Lafontaine Off Superstar

After being on the team for over a year now, Pascal Lafontaine has officially parted ways with his sponsor Superstar. Pascal decided to move on to explore new things, so if there will be anything new from this guy coming, you know we will have it posted up here.

The Hunt 2013 Teaser – Pascal Lafontaine X Nicolas Poitras

OK, The Hunt 2013 is on and riders all over the world are busy filming, what can be sad, their best possible web edit. Pascal Lafontaine teamed up with Nicolas Poitras for fifteen days of filming from Montreal to Paris and places in between and here is the teaser for their entry. What to say, it is going to be a serious one. From Crooked World.
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Pascal Lafontaine – 1 Hour At The Riverside Skatepark Before Paris

Pascal Lafontaine is off to Paris, France, but before he left, he hit the Riverside skatepark in Montreal with his friend Nicola Poitras-Gamache behind the lens for an hour long session and this is what happened. For just one hour, this is one amazing and unreal edit, full of tech stuff and most important full of style. Enjoy. Stay tuned for a street edit that is dropping soon.
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Kevin Ouimet Welcome To La Cribs

La Cribs shop is proud to welcome Kevin Ouimet to their team of riders. Kevin teamed up with Pascal Lafontaine to get a welcome to the team edit done at this really amazing and fun looking skatepark. Kevin sure likes putting his pegs to a proper use.
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