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2012 Dew Tour San Francsico – Dirt Prelims Highlights & Results

SF Dew Tour: Dirt Prelims – More BMX Videos

Check out the highlights from the prelims at 2012 Dew Tour San Francisco dirt, featuring Kyle Baldock, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Pat Casey, TJ Ellis, Ben Wallace, Rob Darden, Kevin Peraza and more.
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The Hunt 2012 Results

The Hunt 2012 premiere went down this past Saturday in Long Beach and here are now the results. I definitely can not wait to see the whole video, because there will sure be some unreal stuff pulled.
1. Eduards Zunda
2. Drew Hosselton
3. Jourdan Barba
4. Mike Gray
5. Justin Care
6. Pat Casey
7. Cory Wiergowski
8. Broc Raiford
9. Josh Perry and Nick DiGeroloma
10. Jake Ortiz
11. Joel Marchand
12. Chris Hughes
13. Daniel “Lil-D” Martinez

2012 Sony Big Air Triples

Morgan Wade, Ryan Guettler, Austin Coleman, Colton Satterfield, Zack Warden, Pat Casey, James Foster, Vince Byron and more all featured in the 2012 Sony Big Air Triples highlights.
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Nick Tellez and JJ Anderwald saved all the clips they filmed over the past few months with their iPhones (4 and 4S only) and now decided to put them together in this nice mixtape. Featuring Nick Tellez, Mondo Ruiz, JJ Anderwald, Dave Escobar, Pat Casey, Ryan Costa, Larry Alverado, Justin Henninger and Tyler Kirkland.

Vans At LXVI Invitational

“The Vans BMX and crew kept their East Coast trip going strong by heading down from Ocean City to the East Coast Surfing Championships in virginia Beach for a Vans BMX Invitational right on the sand. With three box jump hits and plenty of transfers to keep things interesting, The BMX crew gave the crowd a great show with riders from all over the world. Rookie Pro Dan Sandoval walked away with five thousand smackers as the top prize with his double whips and huge laid-out front flips. It was TJ Ellis and Pat Casey rounding out the podium of for the jump contest meanwhile, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Simon Tabron were shredding a vert demo with the skate team and getting loose in the gusty wind.”Vans
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Monster Energy BMX Team LA – SLC Part 2

The second part of Monster Energy’s Los Angeles to Utah tour where they visited two different skatepark, where tons and tons of really amazing riding went down. Featuring Jamie Bestwick, Scotty Cranmer, Pat Casey, Dakota Roche, Ryan Guettler, Andy Buckworth, Vince Byron and Catfish. You have everything, crazy park moves, street moves and of course Catfish’s flatland.
If you missed the first part, click here.
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Pat Casey Yawn DVD Section

After the release of the full length Yawn DVD two weeks ago, they also posted all the sections separated up on vimeo. All the section are amazing and mind blowing, but somehow I think this one, featuring Pat Casey, could be the best one. Take a peek and than go watch the full edit, if you missed it, for one more time.
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Vans LXVI Invitational Highlights

Vans LXVI Invitaitonal Video Highlights – More BMX Videos

Video highlights from the recent Vans LXVI Invitational featuring riding from Pat Casey, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Sandoval, Todd Meyn, TJ Ellis, Austin Coleman, James Foster, Gary Young, Ricky Mosely and more. Enjoy.
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Vans Team At Dew Tour Ocean City

Watch Vans rider shredding vert and park at this past weekend’s Dew Tour in Ocean City. Featuring Coco Zurita, Simon Tabron, Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Andy Buckworth, Gary Young, Rob Darden, Daniel Sandoval, Diogo Canina, Pat Casey and Kyle Baldock.
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Monster Energy At 2012 Dew Tour Ocean City

Check out some of the madness from the Monster Energy team at Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland featuring Scotty Cranmer, Ben Wallace, Cam White, Harry Main, Kyle Baldock, Jamie Bestwick, Ryan Guettler and Pat Casey. Bunnyhop flip, big flip double tailwhip, 540 superman seat grab and much more.
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