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Filming In Progress – Fit DVD Promo

This is the promotional video for the new and coming Fit DVD that ran before the NORA Cup and for all the people around the globe who were not able to see it, missed it, or just want to see it again, here it is. Featuring Brian Foster, Dan Conway, Pat King, Christian Porras, Jordan Hango, Ben Lewis, Justin Inman, Jack Elkins, Florent Soulas, Justin Spriet, Mike Aitken, Shawn McIntosh, Tom Dugan and Van Homan. I can not wait for this one to drop. Heavy crew means heavy stuff. Enjoy.
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Lunch Meat – Mix 2

Pat King, Jeff Junkins, Dillon Leeper, Seamus McKeon, Steve Pierce, TK Billups, Eddie Cleveland, Phil Jones and many more in this ridiculously good Lunch Meat Mix 2 web video. Crazy stuff all the way through the whole video, and I highly suggest you to watch this one, you won’t be disappointed.
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Pat King Bike Check

A new bike check from one of Fit riders, Pat King. Pat built himself up a fresh new Ben Lewis setup and mix it with mostly Fit parts. Check his bike in the flipbook above, get parts list and also a couple riding sots.

Goods BMX – Amazon Park Jam

They came, they built a flat rail and they shred. Guys over at Good BMX raised some money for this new addition to the Amazon concrete skatepark and it looks like it fits in the park perfectly. Featuring riding from Ben Hucke, Shawn McIntosh, Joey Nuygen, Pat King, Jared Souney, Mike Lund, Brice Baker, Nate Gilgow and Nathan Sykes.
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Shadow Conspiracy – Lahsaan Kobza’s Night Moves

Shadow Conspiracy’s Lahsaan Kobza and Phoenix based filmed Bobby Kanode teamed up recently for a night session to film some stuff on a BMX bike and some stuff on cruiser. Lahsaan’s chill and smooth style of riding and night shots made this edit really enjoyable to watch. Guest clips from Pat King and Tammy McCarley.
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Pat King Fit Ad

Fit’s latest print ad featuring Pat King squeezing this euro table out of a micro quarter and their Tech grips. And how high you think could air this thing?

Fit Blade II Forks Promo

If you are looking for new forks and you can’t decide if Fit Blade II forks are right for you, watch this promo above, where you will find Shawn McIntosh and Van Homan talking about it along with some serious riding from over the past years. Special guests Pat King, Raul Ruiz, Justin Inman and Brian Foster.
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Pat King Fit Wallpaper

Do you need a new wallpaper for your computer or cell phone? If so, here you have Fit’s latest featuring Pat King with this sweet tree hop. It’s free so start downloading.

Fit Austin Part Deux

Here is a quick look in the second half of the Fit Austrin trip with Ben Lewis, Van Homan and Pat King.
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Van Homan, Pat King & Ben Lewis In TX

Fit made a flipbook featuring photos made by Van Homan using his iPhone from the trip to Austin, TX he went on with Pat King and Ben Lewis.
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