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Merritt Spots And Shops

Merritt crew, Brandon Begin, Mike Brennan, Brad Simms, Justin Care, Brian Foster and Pauly Barnum, made a short trip through New England visiting The Daily Grind, Circuit BMX, Maul’s Bike Shop and Tony’s Bikes and Sports and several street spots in between. If you ask me, I didn’t really expect this one to include so many bangers. The 180 to double peg to fakie downside tailwhip (or how to call that) was unreal.
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CT Sessions

Will Talamelli filmed and edited this one over a couple of sessions at street and skatepark spots around Connecticut with Alex Collins, Pauly Barnum, Tom Burke, Nick Fedeli, Aaron Simone, Jimmy Oaks and himself.
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Bridgeport, Conn. BMX Scene Report

Pauly Barnum, Nelson Fobo and Cristian Maya showing you guys how their scene in Bridgeport, Conn. looks like. They throw down some tricks at their local skatepark and street spots.
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Pauly Barnum Aerial7 Headphones Edit

Pauly Barnum is an 18 year old shredder from Bridgeport, CT, who rides for Savenger, Tony’s Bikes and Sport and Aerial7 Headphones.