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PRL BMX The Movie

Guys over the PRL BMX have been on an Euro trip last year, visiting all sorts of amazing spots and while spending time on the road, they were constantly filming something and today they dropped The Movie, full length video for you to check out. Featuring Adrian Lowkajtis, Piotr Leszczynski, Michal Kalinowski, Waldemar Iwanowicz, Pawel Bogumilo, Michal Juraszek, Piotr Opalka, Michal Horowic, Franciszek, Asyzu and Piotr Kolodziej.

Pawel “Lewar” Bogumilo Lost Footage

This is a collection of clips Olaf Jurdyga found on his hard drive from Polish street rider Pawel “Lewar” Bogumilo. Lewar is also the guy who won the biggest street jam in Poland, Proletaryat Jam.