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A Philthy Feature – 2013 Year End Mixtape

2013 Year end MIXTAPE / A Philthy Feature from Philthy Films on Vimeo.

Phil Jones threw together a handful of awesome clips into this mixtape to end the year of 2013. So far this is Phil’s longest mixtape and it includes some fine riding from himself, Dillon Leeper, Shane Leeper, Seamus McKeon and many more. Take 10 minutes of you life and give this one a watch.

A Philthy Feature – Bryan Beal 2013 Edit

Brian Beal 2013 / A Philthy Feature from Philthy Films on Vimeo.

An angry guy Bryan Beal is, but he sure is not afraid of going big on the bike. Bryan teamed up with Phil Jones behind the lens to get a new web edit out and here it is now, ready for you to check it out. He may have sketchy barspins, but he is killing it and that what matters.
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A Philthy Feature – 2 Days In ATL

Phil Jones and the crew headed to Atlanta, GA, for the weekend to ride and to film and to get a fresh new edit out. Here it is now and it includes solid street and skatepark riding from Steve Pierce, Dustin Hogan, Tommy Myall, Matt Wilson, Phil Jones himself and others. Enjoy.

Lunch Meat – Mix 2

Pat King, Jeff Junkins, Dillon Leeper, Seamus McKeon, Steve Pierce, TK Billups, Eddie Cleveland, Phil Jones and many more in this ridiculously good Lunch Meat Mix 2 web video. Crazy stuff all the way through the whole video, and I highly suggest you to watch this one, you won’t be disappointed.
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Philthy Films – Declan Murray 2013 Edit

Phil Jones from Philthy Films is here introducing you a young gun, 16 years old Declan Murray, who is originally from South Africa, but made the move to Charlotte not long ago. This kid is different than other, he is doing stuff his own way, with his original and unique style. Don’t miss it,
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The Spot

Pretty sweet little spot called The Spot Seamus McKeon, Phil Jones, Zach Rogers and other companions built. They also threw some riding down at this place for your viewing pleasure, so hit play and check what they made and filmed.
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Phil Jones Off Guerra

Phil Jones just updated his Facebook page with the news that he parted ways with his psonsor Guerra. Read below what he has to say about the move.
“Hitting y’all up to say I quit Guerra BMX. Things were going in a direction I wasn’t expectiong. It was cool being a part of it, but it is time to go. I have other things in life I want to focus on one mostly Philthy Films. I have put out several edits of friends over the pas couple years and want to produce as many more as possible. Myself along with others are going hard for the next Mixtape that is going to drop in the near future. Really stoked on the riding that has been captured so far. Keep an eye out for that. Peace.”- Phil Jones

Eastern Bikes Mega Tour 9 Remix

Eastern Bikes did a remix of their Mega Tour 9 from back in 2009, where they sent Adam Banton, Eric Holley, Phil Jones, Karl Poynter and Leigh Ramsdell on a trip from Chicago to Minneapolis hitting different spots on the way. I need to say that I really miss Eric Holley and his riding, this dude was/is killing it so hard.
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Philthy Films – Hangar Sessions Mix 1

Phil Jones from Philthy Films came out with the first mix edit filmed over the course of a few sessions at the Hangar. Tons of radness in here from Robbie Taylor, Gage Britton, Logan Derberry, Josh Summey, Matt Decola, Phil Jones, Joe Haley and more.
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Vein Atlanta Raintrip 2013

Vein BMX riders Seamus McKeon, Phil Jones, Logan Derberry and Zachery Rogers made a trip to Atlanta, but got unlucky with the weather, so they went indoors and stacked enough clips to get this edit done. The last crank arm grind from Seamus is sick as hell, but this is not the only move that will make you stoked. Check it out.
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