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Sean Ricany Going Crazy Technical For 2014 Primo Promo

This new Sean Ricany 2014 promotional edit for Primo will literally blow you away, since it includes a good amount on really insane riding. I don’t exactly know how old Sean is, but he is still a young gun and he is killing it so freaking hard on a BMX bike. Earlier we saw Chad Kerley’s new edit for Primo, which was madness and now this. Sean Ricany is a technical wizard who is no stranger to go big and pulling stuff you usually do not see pulled. Now whee to start. A quick nose manual to barspin down a ledge? Up double peg grind gap toothpick grind? Those are two of many of super mad moves. And then the banger… Toothpick to over icepick to barspin out on a rail down stairs. This is just nuts and you will do crime if you do not watch Ricany killing it right now.
Filmed by Miles Rogoish, Ty Morrow, Aaron Brenner and Tony Ennis. Edited by Miles Rogoish and Aaron Brenner.
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Primo – Freemix Freecoaster Hub Promo

Promotional video for the Primo Freemix freecoaster hub with Sean Ricany, Jackson Ratima, Bobby Simmons, JJ Palmere, Tony Neyer and Ty Morrow. Go with the tread, so go with the freecoaster. Hub is available now so contact your local shop or favorite mail order and get your hands on it.
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Primo X Action Wheels – Igna Bart 2013 Edit

I am not 100% sure if all this stuff was filmed in Barcelona, Spain, but if it was, damn, there is still so much undiscovered spots there. Igna Bart doing it for Primo and Action Wheels on the streets of BCN (I guess) and is bringing out some solid and technical lines.
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Primo – Florian Montanari 2013 Edit

Florian Montanari is a new Primo represent from France through Unleaded BMX and this is an amazing proof that he deserves it. Florian goes really solid with his street riding and is not afraid of going big and pulling technical stuff. Last up feeble grind to hard truck driver out was mad. Filmed and edited by Geoffrey Morizot. Seen on TCU.
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Primo – Alex Kennedy 2013 Edit

Alex Kennedy and Richard Forne teamed up, hit the streets and filmed one absolutely amazing web piece for Primo. Even if we all knew the style of riding AK has he always surprises with something new and amazing. Style, clean and smoothly pulled tricks, well filmed and well edited… I don’t know what you are waiting for, start watching it now.
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Interbike 2013 By Vital BMX – Part 3

Federal at Interbike 2013 – More BMX Videos

Now lets get inside some of your favorite brands that were showing some of their new products at the Interbike 2013, produced by Vital BMX. So, above and after the jump you will find short product videos from Federal, Demolition, Odyssey, Sunday Bikes, Snafu, Cult, Merritt, Failure, Deluxe, VP Components, Primo, Tree, Redline and Mutant. I was really looking forward to see what Mutant has in store and they came out with a few really sweet products/designs.
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Adam Stone Welcome To Primo Australia

Adam Stone started getting support from Primo, through Triplesix a few months back, but the welcome to the team edit drops now. Adam has a really original style of riding and has downside tailwhips and decades on lock, pulling them pretty much everywhere he wants. Check it out.
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Primo – The Blazers

Earlier this year Primo riders Aaron Branner, Andrew Castaneda, Anthony “Boy” Flores, Jackson Ratima, Shawn McIntosh, Steve Croteau, Tony Neyer and Ty Morrow headed north, to spent eleven days exploring every single corner of Portland, Oregon. Such a heavy crew of riders and so much time to film and if you combine it together, something really ridiculous and amazing will came out. What came out is a five minutes long web video that is pure fire.
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Primo Polished Kit In Stock Now

Primo’s hubs, stems and sprocket in polished finish are available now. Contact your local shop, or favourite mail order and get your bike freshened up.

Anthony “Boy” Flores Primo Ad

Anthony Flores aka Boy with a really sick x-up grind down this kinked rail, with a little gap, for Primo’s latest print ad that can be found in the newest Ride BMX issue, issue 193, shot by Jeff Z. You can watch this move pulled in his latest Primo edit, along with other solid street stunts.