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Primo – Jackson Ratima “The Ratima Grip” Promo

Jackson Ratima met up with Anthony “Boy” Flores, cruised around town and also did some riding to promote his signature grips from Primo. Video made by Miles Rogoish. The grips are now available and ready for you handlebars and for your hands.
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Primo – Stuart Loudon Edit

Stuart Loudon is a Primo rider from South Africa and we saw plenty of great stuff from him on the web already, but here is something new he filmed especially for his parts sponsor. Stuart hit the Alex skatepark in Johannesburg and also killed a few street spots for a good measure. Style, tricks and great filming and editing.
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How To X Up Grind With Anthony “Boy” Flores

Primo and Skavenger representer Anthony “Boy” Flores is here for you to teach you how a proper x-up double peg grind is done. Not much riders are doing this grind these days, so go out find a ledge or rail and learn it.
“Boy did this how-to and then immediately started puking… turns out he had a swollen pancreas and had to spent a couple days in the hospital.”
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Primo – Craig Passero 2013

Craig Passero. If you saw at least one edit from this guy (I really hope you saw more), you know how wild he can get and how much skills he has. His 2013 Primo web vid is a collection of super technical and really solid street riding. Three minutes of footage that must not be missed and mussed be replayed for at least three times. This thing is nuts. Seen on TCU.
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Brian Kachinsky Primo Wallpaper

One of the craziest rail grinders out there, Brian Kachinsky, can be decorating your desktop background. All you have to do is go to Primo site and download this wallpaper in a size that fits your screen the most.

Primo – Jackson Ratima 2013 Edit

New heat from Primo’s Jackson Ratima. Jackson is bringing out to the street his awesome mostly pegs use style of riding and made this one dope piece and promo for his signature grips. That long smith grind on a rail was nuts. Go press the play button above.
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Raul Ruiz Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Raul Ruiz going with style on a bank to promote Wethepeople, Primo, Quintin and Ipath products. You can find this ad in the 191st issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Tony Neyer Primo Wallpaper

You need a new wallpaper? You are at the right place. Primo has one for you from their rider Tony Neyer getting a double peg grind to toothpick grind and over done and you can download it, using the resolution that fits your screen the most.

Primo Tony Neyer WLT Tire Promo

A lot of stuff is coming out from Primo lately and I like it. Tony Neyer teamed up with Miles Rogoish to film this chilled promo for his signature Primo WLT tire. Nothing crazy, nothing wild, just putting the tires to some good use. And these also slide pretty good.
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Primo – Brian Kachinsky 2013 Edit

Ha, um… what? Every single clip in Brian Kachinsky’s 2013 Primo edit is a banger clip. Brian is definitely one of the best rider on the planet when it comes to insane rail moves. Those gaps to various grinds and also manuals are not normal. No flairs, no tailwhips, no nothing, just pure, solid and insane street riding. Must see.
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