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Primo – Antonio Chavez Edit

Antonio Chavez is an only 14 year old kid, who recently got hooked up by Primo and here his first edit he filmed for them. The age must not fool you, because Antonio is shredding real hard and is already clearing some big rails.
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Primo – Robbie Morales And Joe Rich “Made In Taiwan”

A classic section featuring Robbie Morales and Joe Rich from the Primo video. If this doesn’t make you stoked about the sport than I think something must not be working right. Tons of rad trails, street and ramps shredding, that you definitely need to check out, even if you saw it a million times already.
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Sean Ricany Welcome To Primo

Sean Ricany has officially joined the Primo team with this welcome to the team edit, filmed and edited by Bryan Carter. Sean goes ridiculously technical and the line where he pulls icepick to nose manual to barspin to manual is one crazy combo.
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One Minute With March Hochheim

German Primo rider through AllRide Distribution, Marc Hochheim, came out with a solid minute long web edit. All this was filmed with a GoPro Hero 3 Black and includes some rad stuff. The long up nose manual to barspin was awesome.

Primo – Benno Hankowetz Edit

Primo’s Australian rider Benno Hankowetz has this rad style of riding and simply kills it when it comes to skatepark and street riding. This dude can throw down a 900 or can go technical with fakies. Click play and see it for yourself.
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Primo – Andy Gregory 2013 Edit

Andy Gregory aka D-Boy getting things done on some flat ledges for Primo to start the year of 2013 in style. This dude has big hair and likes to put his pegs to use a lot.

Chad Johnston Welcome To Primo Pro

Chad Johnston is a flatland rider who is taking it to a completely another level. It is really hard to believe how can he pull all those amazing trick combos without brakes and pegs. Chad joined the Primo pro team for 2013 and it can easily be sad that he deserves it. Unreal.
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Brian Kachinsky On Primo

I knew a good new will drop very soon, after hearing that Brian Kachinsky has parted ways with Etnies. The new now dropped that he joined the Primo team and below is his statement.
“I’m very proud to announce that I am now a part of the Primo family. I’m excited to be a part of a brand that’s been around since before I started riding BMX. Primo was one of the first companies to ever give me parts back in 2001. I remember getting a box of stuff sent to Woodward camp back in 2001. The box was addressed to both me and Taj Mihelich. I never dreamed my name would be next to a legend’s name and immediately felt as if I was in the presence of greatness.
Fast forward to 2013. I received a call late one night from Tony Neyer and a couple other Primo guys. Amidst the chaotic phone call Tony said “you should ride Primo wheels!” I of course was flattered and honored. I few days later I spoke to Primo’s Director of Operations, John Richard and we worked out a deal. I’m really stoked to berolling into 2013 on a fresh set of Primo wheels. Let the fun begin!”

Primo Freecoaster Sneak Peek

Looks like Primo is the next brand in the production of freecoasters. Ezra really impressed me with their freecoaster/cassette hub, but I can not say a thing about this one at the moment. Maybe Primo also have something great and special in the works. We will see. More news to come.

Jackson Ratima Bike Check

Head over to the Ride BMX website to check Stolen’s, Primo’s, Quintin’s, Lotek’s and Baygame’s shredder’s, Jackson Ratima’s, current Stolen Legion setup.