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Tony Neyer Bike Check

Tony still isn’t 100% recovered from his tibia break earlier in the year, but he sure started shredding his bike already. He recently built up a fresh new Verde and Primo setup, that you can now peep on Ride site.

Primo – Andrew Castaneda

Andrew Castaneda getting tons of style in and technical grind moves for this new Primo edit, shot by Veesh. Both, Andrew and Veesh,did an amazing job with this one, from really well put together edit, to so much good riding. Andrew brings the toothpick hangovers and opposite version of them to the next level.
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Tip Plus AZ – Cult, Federal, Lotek, ODI, Primo

Primo dropped this wild mix edit featuring Tammy McCarley, Shawn McIntosh, Ty Morrow, Steve Croteau, Andrew Castaneda, Dakota Roche and Alex Kennedy shredding street and getting a demo done at the Serenity Ride Shop. All simply killed it, so I am sure you don’t wanna miss this one.
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All Day – Martyn “Oskier” Oskiera 2012 Edit

Primo, Kink and Lando Footwear rider through All Day shop in Poland, Marcin Oskiera aka Oskier, filmed tons of technical stuff over the course of past few months at skatepars in Warsaw, Milanowek, Grodzisk and Sochaczew, Poland.

Primo – Lee Dennis

Lee Dennis getting some action done on the streets of Canada and US east coast along with a few clips from skateparks for his sponsor Primo. This thing is a pretty much must see, cause it features all bunch of good moves from start till the end of it.
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Craig Passero Primo Ad

Craig Passero getting this crazy nose bonk 360 done for Primo’s latest print ad that is featured in the 9th issue of The Albion magazine. I really wander how long it took him to pull this one, or was it first try?

Primo – Andy Gregory Fall 2012

Big dreads Primo representer Andy Gregory has been busy stacking clips for this new fall 2012 web edit on the streets. What came out is a pretty solid, a little less than two minutes long edit, including some great grinds.

Shawn McIntosh Primo Ad

Primo’s latest print ad featuring Shawn McIntosh aka Shitty throwing down this up nose manual to gap on the road for Ride BMX magazine.

Sean Ricany On Primo

Sean Ricany added a new sponsor to his sponsors list and yes, it is Primo.
“Primo is proud to announce the addition of Sean Ricany to the family! We are pumped to have Sean join the crew of what we feel is one of the best teams in BMX. Sean is good homies with so many dudes in our crew it just made a lot of sense to bring him on the pro team.”
“Exited to be on the team with so many homies. John Richard and I have been talking since May and it just felt right when the offer came to come on board…”– Sean Ricany”

Stevie Churchill On Federal & Primo

After leaving Demolition and Volume, it looks like Stevie Churchill will be now joining Federal and Primo teams. This is an unofficial news, so expect more soon.