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Marcin Oskiera – Quick Ten Clips

Kink and Primo connection from Poland Marcin Oskiera, who represents these two companies through All Day, recently built himself up a fresh new whip and decided to throw down first ten clips for the camera.

Interbike 2012 #1

Find out all about the new products of your favorite brands like Merritt, Macneil, S&M, Fit, Verde, Wethepeople, Eclat, Almond, Lotek, Primo, Mutiny, United and more here, here, here, here and here.

Primo – Kenneth Tencio

I almost skipped this edit, but thank god I press that play button and watched it, because it is one of the craziest I’ve seen in a while. Kenneth Tencio is 18 years old street, skatepark and trails rider from Costa Rica, who’s skills are all next level. When you see two crazy tricks for a start like these two, you know wild stuff will be pulled during the edit. Must see.
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Primo – Josh De Reus

Josh De Reus is Primo’s newest connection in New Zealand and they just dropped his quick welcome to the team edit, that shows just a small portion of things to come. Josh has style, hast tricks and has balls. Enjoy.
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Primo – Nick Seabasty

Fresh new edit of the Primo guy Nick Seabasty that provides some really clean flat lines and also some big 360s. Nick really surprised me with this edit, cause it is really damn good and makes me wanna go out and ride. Special guest clip from Craig Passero.
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Tony Neyer Bike Giveaway

Tony Neyer, Dan’s Comp, Verde and Primo teamed up for this awesome giveaway where you can win Tony’s personal bike. First watch the edit above, featuring Tony’s riding clips and words about the giveaway and than click on the photo below, fill the form and you are in.

Primo – Sam Lowe Welcome Back

Primo’s Sam Lowe was off his bike for past three months due to a torn MCL, but now he is back, fully healed and ready to shred. He hit his local plaza for the first time and this edit came out. Pretty damn solid for first session after three months. Really looking forward for the full edit to drop in the next few weeks.
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Craig Passero Welcome To Primo

Are you prepared for four minutes of crazy street riding? If you think you are, than you watch Craig Passero’s welcome to Primo edit above. I think this guy does not know what word afraid means. Press play and enjoy.
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Primo Stance Pedals

Stance pedals are Primo’s newest plastic pedals that are available now. Pedal features dual concave, compact platform site with large pins and knurled surface. Available in six different colors, clear black, clear blue, clear green, clear purple, clear red and black.

Primo / OneLoveBMX

I don’t know how many of you guys are flatlanders out there, but those who are sure think there isn’t enough flatland riding on the page. Well, here is the Primo/OneLoveBMX crew with some proper flatland riding for you guys, featuring Dave Debuono, Darin Wright and Shayne Khajehnoori.