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Profile Racing – Mate Water Camo Products

Profile Racing dropped a shot over on their Instagram of their coming mate water camo products colorway. These things look really rad and Profile already made plenty of camo products and this is their newest creation. Get sicked.

Jeff Klugiewicz Profile Racing Print Ad

Jeff Klugiewicz with a really wild move, a double tire ride on this rail to barspin out, for Profile Racing’s latest print ad. This is some serious stuff.

Profile Racing – Jeff Klugiewicz Edit

Jeff Klugiewicz AZ Trip 2013 – Profile Racing from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Jeff Klugiewicz went over to Arizona for a few weeks where he managed to stack some really solid stuff to get this new Profile Racing edit done. I really liked the icepick grind to hop over barspin, the rail ride and last over smith grind on a rail. Better check it.
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Profile Racing Freecoaster Testing

Profile Freecoaster Testing from Tyler Gilliard on Vimeo.

Tyler Gilliard dropped this video showing you the prototype Profile Racing freecoaster hub and also some testing moves. No more info on this thing, but I think we can expect more stuff about it in the coming weeks/months.
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Profile Racing Is Not Sold By Wal-Mart

Here is something you should give it a read, before you started to think something that is not true.
“That is correct. PROFILE RACING IS NOT SOLD BY WAL-MART*. But, other IBDs (Independent Bike Dealers) like BikeWagon have affiliated their stores with Wal-Mart. Why? Read below… It’s all about 3P retailing or third party retailing and it’s growing quickly in the bicycle industry. The big players are Amazon, eBay, Sears and now Wal-Mart.

You can think of 3P as the classified ads of the Internet. 3P sites have been developed to connect sellers with buyers in an electronic marketplace that is provided by the 3P. The idea is that bike shops use 3P marketplaces to reach more customers. The 3Ps charge retailers a monthly subscription fee plus a commission for each item sold on their web site. The fee is for the use of their web site and transaction services. Essentially, in 3Ps the bike shop or retailer is renting space on a different web site.

Currently, Amazon and eBay are the most well-known 3P markets. Amazon is easily the biggest, but eBay is continuing to aggressively chase them. Now Wal-Mart has entered the race as well, but their website makes it look like they’re selling the merchandise. Other 3P sites to be aware of are, and

So, when you see Profile cranks being “advertised” on Wal-Mart’s 3P site, it’s not Profile. Look closely and you’ll see a name like BikeWagon, the bike shop in Salt Lake City, selling our cranks. So, when you see this, don’t think that Wal-Mart is selling our products. They aren’t. And, please spread the word when someone tells you that Profile is now sold at Wal-Mart. It just ain’t true.

*Profile Racing is currently working to end these 3P affiliations and thus, this confusion.”

Chad Degroot Bike Check

Another bike check for you guys, this time from Profile Racing rider Chad Degroot. Find more photos and the parts list over on the Profile site and also get a few action shots from Chad.

A Day In The Life Of Mark Mulville

A Day In The Life of Mark Mulville from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Spent a day with Profile Racing’s Mark Mulville in Orlando, Florida as he hunts alligators, eats “the best BBQ in the world”, hits Subrosa, gets a session done at Trey Jones and more. Looks like he is pretty busy all the time.
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Ricky Moseley Bike Check

Make your way over to the Profile Racing web site and check out what machine Ricky Moseley is riding. It is a white Dirt Bro’s Throwback frame, but if you wan’t to know more, hit the site.

Profile Racing – Post Production Polishing

Profile Racing made an article up on their web site about how they hand polish a stem. You heard it right, if people need them, they hand polish each and every stem, so take a peek how they do it.

Profile Racing – Ricky Moseley 2013 Year End Edit

Ricky Moseley has been working on his newest Profile Racing web edit over the past couple months with help from Dylan Pfohl behind the lens and it is now ready for your to check out. Trails, skatepark and even street riding, you will find it all, from technical stuff to big stuff. And that last nose manual on a curved ledge was a really surprising ender.
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