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Can You Ride Pegs On A Profile Mini Front Hub? Yes!

Profile’s mini front hubs was built back in 2001, originally for the racers, but were soon modified to accept 14mm axles. If you are just about to buy yourself these hubs and are still sceptic about running pegs, hit Profile Racing web site and read about running pegs on them and who from the team is using pegs.

Testing The Profile Freecoaster Cassette With Tyler Gilliard

Testing the Profile Free-coaster Cassette with Tyler Gilliard. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

A short testing video from Profile Racing, testing the prototype version of their freecoaster cassette which is in the developing process right now with Tyler Gilliard. Not much info on this piece, but I am sure something hot is cooking over there. Stay tuned for more informations.

Profile – Grant Castelluzzo 2013 Edit

Grant Castelluzzo and his 2013 web edit for his sponsor Profile. Grant took a plane to Berlin, Germany where he spent a lot of time cruising around the streets and having sessions on all this amazing looking spots. Grant went really technical for this one, as usual, and brought out one incredible piece. A lot serious jibbing in here.
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Jeff Klugiewicz Profile Ad

Jeff Klugieiwcz getting a tailwhip down somewhere in central Florida over this pyramid for Profile Racing’s latest print ad to promote their spline drive sprocket. I am sure you remember this spot, cause we already saw it in many edits over the past years.

Profile Mark Mulville Push Stems Now Available In 58mm And 63mm

Mark Mulville’s signature Profile Racing Push stem is now available in two new and pretty damn long version. We are talking about 58mm and 63mm long. I wonder how it is pulling a nose manual with one of these. For now only black, but all other color options will drop very soon.

Profile – Jake Seeley 2013 Edit

Technical grind wizard, Jake Seeley, spent some time with Charlie Crumlish behind the lens over the winter in Austin, Texas, hitting all bunch of good and weird street spots, to film stuff for his new Profile web edit. You never know what Jake will pull and this is why I like watching his edits. Enjoy.
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Mark Meister And Mark Mulville Profile Ads

Here is a look at the two new Profile Racing print ads, one featuring Mark Meister (above) and the other Mark Mulville (below). Mark with a big pocket air in Sarasota and Mulville with a nice transfer in Tampa.

Fun Session With Madera And Profile

This past Saturday a bunch of Madera and Profile riders made their way to Bluff Valley’s Over the Top Skatepark to get a session down. Here is a quick little recap featuring Jeff Dowhen, Jeff Klugiewicz, Mark Mulville, Arik Elstran and Reed Stark, to show you what a heavy session they had.

Profile / Madera Midwest Sessions

Profile and Madera riders, Mike Hinkens, Mark Mulville, Jeff Klugiewicz, Jeff Dowhen, Grant Castelluzzo and Matt Coplon, are going on a trip visiting Four Seasons (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Friday, March 1st), Bluff Valley’s Over the Top Skatepark (Zumbro Falls, Minnesota, Saturday, March 2nd) and Ray’s Indoor Bike Park (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunday, March 3rd). If you live near any of the mentioned places, make sure you go there.

Auctioned One-off Profile Totem hubs to benefit Troy McMurray

Profile Racing set up an auction for their one-off Totem hubs to benefit Troy McMurray at the Pusher Shop. If you are in need of a new hubs, you want one that no one else have and you also like to support a BMX legend, these are the one for you.