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James Curry Welcome To Proper

James Curry – Welcome to Proper from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Proper is stoked to have James Curry on their team and so are we, because he definitely deserves the support. He filmed his welcome to the team edit with help from Ryan Hallett and the final products is really solid. I won’t say much about it, but I must mention that that last pedal-crooked grind on a rail was freaking nuts.
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Proper AW 2013 Catalog

People over at Proper put together this autumn/winter 2013 catalog to show you all the products they have to offer your, from frame and forks to handlebars and wheelsets and a lot more.
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Proper – Jamie Guile Edit

Proper – Quest Two – Jamie Guile from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Jamie Guile came out with his first ever Proper web edit and he did a really good job with it. Jamie is not the guy many people know about, but I guess from now one everyone will get hungry and will want more from him on the world wide web. Get familiar with Jamie Guile now and see what he managed to stack over the past months.
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Proper – Quest One – Mike Miller

Proper – Quest One – Mike Miller from IMG TV on Vimeo.

It was about time that Mike Miller dropped something new, cause I was really wondering what he was doing this year and to my surprise, he was travelling around, hitting all kind of known and unknown spots and produced one hell of an edit for his sponsor Proper. Mike can go insanely high, really smooth and is no stranger to getting solid clips on the streets. Enjoy.
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Proper – Johnny Stevens Edit

Johnny Stevens Edit properbikeco from johnnystevens02 on Vimeo.

Johnny Steven filmed some really solid stuff over the course of a few weeks/months which he throw together to say thanks to Proper for the stuff he gets. We already posted a few stuff from Johnny up here and I am stoked to post this one also, cause he never disappoints.
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Mike Miller Proper Ad

This is the new Proper print ad they are running in the Ride UK BMX magazine, issue 181, featuring Mike Miller boosting a massive table. I really hope we will be seeing something new from Mike in the near future.

Proper – Sean Kelly “One Way Or The Other”

Sean Kelly and Ali Hutchinson have been stacking clips around streets and skateparks for a little while now and this is the final product they came out with. I am sure guys over at Proper a really proud of this kid and his skills. Sean is going high in the sky, going with style, going technical and going regular and opposite. Just enjoy.
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Proper – A Day At The Trails With Dan Figg

Ken Marvin met up with Proper’s Dan Figg at the local trails for one afternoon to get some shots done for a quick new clip. Every trails riders will definitely enjoy both, the trails and Dan’s style of riding. I did and I am sure you will also.
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Proper Tripod Seat System Sneak Peek

Proper dropped a sneak peek of the sample of their new and upcoming Tripod style seat system they are currently testing out. Is tripod system getting over pivotal? I think not, but it is coming out there and brands are using it more and more.

Arnaud Wolff Video Bike Check

A proper video bike check with Proper rider Arnaud Wolff, filmed by Mathieu Roubaud and edited by Arnaud himself. There is a good amount of awesome and unique park clips from Wolff in here along with a quick look at his current whip. To find out what parts this boy is riding head over to the comment section.
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