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Props Issue 59 – Colorado Scene Report

Another classic one from the Props people. They uplaoded the Colorado scene report video from the Issue 59, that features riding from Ryan Devereaux, Adrian Vigil, Mike Meister, AJ Anaya, Troy McMurray, Nick Bonner, Joey Cordova, Mike Fosket, Mike McNeil, Shawn Lewis, Mike O’Farrell, Steb Valin and many many more. Definitely a really good and enjoyable thirteen minutes long watch.
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Behind The Scenes – Props Road Fools Part 1

ESPN is already back with a new episode of their Behind The Scenes series, where the chat with Chris Rye about the making of the Props “Road Fools” box set. This this first out of two part and you will get some insides and how much work it was put into making this box happen.
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Props Issue 32 – Brian Castillo Interview

I was a big fan of Brian Castillo back in the day and I still am, cause of his one of a kind style of riding and him bringing out what now became a big brand, Volume Bikes. Props dropped a rad interview with him that was featured in the Props Issue 32 and includes pretty much everything. Brian never liked competing, he likes eating candy and fast food. Find more above.
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Props Issue 65 – QBP Roadtrip

Definitely stoked on this new one from Props. They uploaded the QBP Roadtrip section from the Props Issue 65 featuring Adam Banton, Cal Burgslaher, Eric Holley, Darrin Treanor, Eric Engstrom, Jay Schilie, Tony Mortenson, Karl Poynter, Dustin Grice, Mark Mulville, Tony Hamlin and Steve Crandall, who took the van for a tour across Texas.
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Road Fools Box Set Trailer

props dropped a trailer for their Box Set, that they were working on last year or so and will include all the Road Fools videos, 1-18, Rock-N-Roll Tours, 1 and 2, Best Of Road Fools video 1-4, commentary with Taj Mihelich, Dave Freimuth and Chris Rye and much much more. Pre-orders start now, so act quick if you want this amazing set.
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Props Road Fools 12 – Day 4 Pittsburgh, PA

The fourth day of the Props Road Fools 12 was a trails and street session in Pittsburgh, PA. Classic Road Fools stuff is always awesome to watch, even if it is for 100+ times. Featuring Sergio Layos, Chris Doyle, Ryan Nyquist, Jason Enns, Shawn Arata, Bob Scerbo, Steven Hamilton, Corey Martinez, Kevin Porter, Gary Young, Ryan Barrett, Seth Kimbrough, Brian Kachinsky and Scott Malyon
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Props Millennium – Best OF 1999 Full Video

Like I sad a few times before, Props always knows how to surprise me and it is with videos like the Props Millennium – Best of 1999, that you can now watch in full above. So awesome. I miss those days and I also miss watching riding from Jay Miron, Tom Haugen, Marcus Wilke, Dave Freimuth and Mike Ardelean. Enjoy.
Featuring Josh Stricker, Dave Osato, Joe Rich, Chad Kagy, Mike Escamilla, Gonz, Dave Freimuth, Mike Ardelean, Ruben Alcantara, Ruel Erickson, Chris Hallman, Chris Duncan, Jay Miron, Zeb Williams, Jimmy Levan, Ian Morris, Cory Nastazio, Andrew Faris, Nate Wessel, Jamie Spritzer, Taj Mihelich, Brian Kachinsky, Ralph Sinisi, Afro Pat, Jim Rienstra, Chris Doyle, Ryan Corrigan, Tom Haugen, Marcus Wilke, Scott Wirsch, Ryan Nyquist and many more.
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Road Fools Box Set And Book

Make your way over to the Road Fools site to sign up for the updates on the project that they are currently working on. What is this project all about? It will bring Road Fools videos all, from first one till eighteenth, and also both Rock-N-Roll Tour, back in the best digital quality as possible on a blue-ray. This is not all, they are also putting together a Road Fools book, that will be available in traditional print version and digital version. This box set will feature a re-mastered Props Road Fools 1, that was originally filmed with a VX1000

Animal Bikes – Vic Ayala Props 41 Commercial

Vic Ayala and his first ever documented Predator grind (named after Vic’s favorite movie), that appeared in an Animal Bikes commercial for Props issue 41, back in 2001. Still one crazy grind, even if today is 2013 and a lot of crazy stuff already got pulled.
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Props Issue 37 – NJ Scene Report

Another classic video from Props. They dropped the New Jersey scene report from the Issue 37, that was filmed somewhere in 2000 on the streets, skateparks and trails around the city with Ralph Sinisi, Joe Tiseo, Grimaldo Durran, Bob Scerbo, George Dossantos, Brian Tunney, Garrett Byrnes, Keith Terra and more. It is so awesome watching stuff I watched all the time back when I was just getting in the sport.
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