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Afternoons With Quintin’s Raul Ruiz And Chris Brown

Afternoons with Quintin Co. from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

Here is a short edit from an Afternoon with Quintin riders Raul Ruiz and Chris Brown shredding some concrete and streets of Los Angeles. Just a nice sweet short edit, with a funny clip where they got kicked from a spot.
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Quintin – Ilya Berestetskiy Edit

QuintinCo. | Ilya Berestetskiy from ???? on Vimeo.

Ilya Barestetskiy is a Russian Quintin rider through Raen shop and his is his latest creation. If you don’t know Ilya yet, you must get familiar now, cause this kid shreds and is full of good, solid and smooth moves. Enjoy.
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Quintin – Max Bespaliy Edit

QuintinCo. | Max Bespaliy from ???? on Vimeo.

Get a dose of some really wild flat rail moves from Quintin’s own Max Bespaliy. He is pulling manuals on this rail like it was a ledge and that icepick grind to manual to barspin, all on rail, was super dope. Enjoy.
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Quintin – Commuting With Chris Brown

Commuting with Chris Brown | Holiday 2013 from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

This is just a quick little promotion Quitnin did with Chris Brown as they spent a day with him cruising around Los Angeles, to promote their 2013 Holiday collection. If you haven’t seen all the great products they have to offer, go and check them out now.

Ruslan Shiba Welcome To Quintin

Quintin welcomes Ruslan Shiba from Kirill Sirenko on Vimeo.

Just a quick little welcome to the team edit welcoming Ruslan Shiba to the Quintin team in Russia, filmed in just an hour at the local skatepark.

Mirco Adreani Welcome To Quintin Italy

Mirco Andreani – Welcome in the Family from QuintinCo Italy on Vimeo.

I really hoped this one to be a little longer, but still, Mirco Adreani is the newest Quintin shredder in Italy and here is a quick line from him at the famous Parallel spot in Barcelona, Spain.
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Quintin Holiday 2013 Collection Now Available

Quintin Co l Holiday 2013 from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

Quintin is proud to announce you that their 2013 holiday collection is available now worldwide, just the right time to get you ready for the cold winter days. Hit their web site to check out the whole collection. Quintin never disappoints with their products.
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Quintin Survival Collection

To celebrate the Halloween and to still wear scary stuff, even if it is not Halloween, Quintin dropped this awesome Survival collections, which consists of T-shirts and hats. Make your way over to their web store to see what they are offering, or hit read more to check out a few more photos from Suicide girl model Moon.
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Nate Richter Welcome To Quintin

Quintin welcomes Nate Richter from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

The guy behind many edits, the guy behind a four pegged bike, Nate Richter, is the newest member of the Quintin team. This is his welcome to the team edit, where Nate puts his pegs to some good use and does some other sweet stuff for your viewing pleasure. Hit play.
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Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin Collaboration

Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin collaboration

Looks like Aaron Ross, Odyssey and Quintin have teamed up for a collaboration of hats and pivotal seats. This will be a limited run, so start saving your money, cause these products will be out soon and ready for your and your bike.

Patch on Aaron Ross X Odyssey X Quintin collaboration seat