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S&M “I Wanna Live” – Randy Brown

S&M continues to drop more sections from their old videos. This time they dropped Randy Brown’s section from the “I Wann Live” video from back in 2008. I remember watching this exact section from about 3425 times and still after so many time, I really love watching it again. Randy has style, has skills and is not afraid of going big. Just look at that insane 360 rail hop at the end.
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Little Devil 1st Warehouse Ramps

Little Devil 1st Warehouse Ramps from Little Devil Brand on Vimeo.

Little Devil made live this clip that was filmed over the years 2001 to 2004 at their first warehouse ramps from their team, staff and friends. I always get stoked when something classic-style drops on the web and something from the time I started riding BMX. Featuring riding from Van Homan, Corey Martinez, Kris Bennett, Garrett Byrnes, Morgan Wade, Brian Wizmerski, Randy Brown, Alistair Whitton, Chris Adamski, Shawn Arata, Mike Finn, Matt Lippott and Derek Adams.
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S&M – Randy Brown Edit

I am a big fan of Randy Brown since forever now, so I definitely get stoked every time I see something new from this guy. This is a promo for his signature S&M frame and is full of speed, wallrides, gaps, nose manuals and super stylish tailwhips. Also that speedy crank arm grind is definitely something I need to mention. Enjoy.
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Randy Brown S&M Ad

This is S&M latest print ad from Ride BMX magazine which features Randy Brown getting a nice wallride down. They also want to inform you that Randy’s RBV2 signature frames are back and ready for you to shred.

S&M “Salt Lake Shake” – Randy Brown

This was actually uploaded on vimeo nine months ago, but it is now we are posting it up here. This is Randy Brown’s footage from S&M’s “Salt Lake Shake” and all I can say is that this is so damn good. Randy has such a crazy style of riding, not much tricks, but everything looks really good and wild. Check it out.
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S&M Randy Brown Frames & Grips

S&M got a new batch of Randy Brown’s RB2 frames in gloss black, green and brown. These frames also match Randy Brown’s signature S&M grips. Make sure to pick one up at your local shops a favorite mail oder.

Team Shralp – 16mm Memories

“TEAM SHRALP presents “16mm Memories.” In 2007 a couple rolls of 16mm film was shot for “Take It Or Leave It” the BMX pool riding documentary. Raw, gritty, and barely cut. This edit features never before seen footage of BMX, pools, travels, friends, and good times. Filmed in LA, Orange County, San Diego, and the Salton Sea. Featuring: Randy Brown, Darryl Tocco, Ryan Navazio, Sean “Fish” Hoskins, and Brian Martyn.”– Dean Dickinson.

Randy Brown Bike Check

S&M posted up a shot of Randy Brown’s current green RB2 setup.

Chase Dehart And Randy Brown In A Rap Video

Wow, this is great, Chase Dehart and Randy Brown are featured in Philly Swain’s latest music video for the song “Infamous”.
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Randy Brown Bike Check

Randy Brown is definitely the rider that I really enjoy watching. ESPN made a bike check with him and his S&M RB2 setup, so quick go to their site to check these twelve photos.