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Afternoons With Quintin’s Raul Ruiz And Chris Brown

Afternoons with Quintin Co. from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

Here is a short edit from an Afternoon with Quintin riders Raul Ruiz and Chris Brown shredding some concrete and streets of Los Angeles. Just a nice sweet short edit, with a funny clip where they got kicked from a spot.
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Wethepeople “Trippin North” Tour

Wethepeople riders, Marcas Grubbs, Mikey Tyra, Brandon Begin, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz, are going on the road again. This time they are heading North, starting January 21st, 2014. Follow their Instagram and check #wtptrippinnorth for updates.

Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” – Raul Ruiz Leftovers

From today until the premiere of the Dan’s Comp new DVD “Roll Call”, they will be releasing leftover edits and to kick things off, here is Raul Ruiz’s leftover edit. When filming for a DVD you know plenty of clips are left over and with a heavy team that Dan’s has, you just know, that even if leftovers, they will be still heavy. Hit it.
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Wethepeople – Raul Ruiz Quickie

A quick new piece from Wethepeople rider Raul Ruiz, filmed in just one day by John Hicks. Nothing to crazy and insane in here, but there sure is a lot of style in the edit. Peep it. Seen on TCU.
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Bay Game – Scrizzy #2

The Bay Game crew continues with the Scrizzy series and just dropped the second installment, featuring Julio Tating, Jackson Ratima, Bob Randel, Boy, Raul Ruiz, Chris Brown, Tomy Prince, Kurtis Elwell and Anthony Renda. Been missing footage from these guys, so it is great seeing them back. Enjoy.
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A Day In LA With Andrew Jackson

Here is a quick look in what a random day in the life of Andrew Jackson looks like. Pretty much cruising around Los Angeles through the whole day, pulling ridiculous hops and other rad stuff. Guest appearance by his Wethepeople team mate Raul Ruiz. Seen on TCU. Filmed and edited by John Hicks.
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Gabe Brooks, Andrew Jackson And Raul Ruiz in Los Angeles

Brooks, Jackson, and Ruiz in Los Angeles – More BMX Videos

Gabe Brooks, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz cruising around downtown Los Angeles hitting all bunch of rad street spots and each bringing out his original style of riding. A lot of goodness in this new clip, worth checking out.
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The Manna Machine Mixtape

Larry Alvarado and The Manna Machine came out with a ridiculously good “Pure Energy” mixtape, that include for 24 minutes of amazing footage from riders like Raul Ruiz, Jesse Whaley, Eddie Hernandez, Chris Gille, Chris Brown and many many more. If you are chilling home, you definitely need to check this one out, especially if you are just in time to go riding.
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Wethepeople #Rideeverything – LA

Wethepeople pro riders Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz organized a #Rideeverything session at the Garvanza skatepark in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 18th and here is the highlights video. Riders came, good riding went down, challenges were accomplished, prizes were given and this is what makes session/jam a proper one.
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Raul Ruiz Dan’s Comp Ad

Dan’s Comp’s latest print ad featuring Raul Ruiz going with style on a bank to promote Wethepeople, Primo, Quintin and Ipath products. You can find this ad in the 191st issue of the Ride BMX magazine.