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We Made It – High Five With Raul Ruiz

We mad It is back with a new installment in their High Five web series. This time it is all about Raul Ruiz getting things done at the Lincoln skatepark. Even if Raul is street guy, this is one solid and technical concrete skatepark edit.
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Wethepeople #Rideeverything L.A. Jam

This upcoming Saturday, may 18th, 2013, Wethepeople is throwing down a jam at the Garvanza skatepark in Los Angeles. Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz will be also there giving away some stuff, so make sure you go there, hang out, ride and also to get a chance to win some free stuff.

Quintin Simple Session 2013 Commercial

Simple Session 2013 was amazing and here is Quintin’s commercial that was running on the big screens during the event, featuring Jackson Ratima, Raul Ruiz and Brett Sube enjoying streets of Los Angeles.

Raul Ruiz Wethepeople Ad

I guess this is the first ever Raul Ruiz print ad for Wethepeople. Raul getting a double peg to 180 pulled, while on a trip with the crew, to promote WTP’S Scorpio frame. This ad can be found in the Ride UK magazine, issue 175.

We Made It – Fenced In Fridays

Over the course of past couple of weekends, We Made It collected tons of good clips at the G Park from locals shredding and murdering the place. Featuring Kyle Hirayama, JP, Nico, Erick, Mauricio Robles, Kent Hirayama, Lucio Martinez, Egor Kireev, Ben Ward, Jeff Z and Raul Ruiz.
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Raul Ruiz Video Bike Check

Raul Ruiz Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Vital met up with Raul Ruiz in Las Vegas to get a bike check done with his fresh new chrome Wethepeople Scorpio bike. Really dialed looking whip, mixed with Wethepeople and Primo parts.
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Full Factory Distro’s March Madness Jam Highlights

March Madness Jam – More BMX Videos

Here is more stuff from the recent Full Factory Distribution’s March Madness Jam, featuring Tom Dugan, Eric Lichtenberger, Gary Young, Shawn McIntosh, Jim Bauer, Raul Ruiz and many more. You don’t see Gary Young riding brakeless every day.

Dan’s Comp – Raul Ruiz Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Raul Ruiz – More BMX Videos

Only a minute and a half of solid street shredding from Wethepeople’s and Dan’s Comp pro rider Raul Ruiz. Raul is allover the place lately, coming out with some seriously good stuff and this one is no exception.
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Quintin – Raul Ruiz Shot #2 2013

Quintin is back with another short clip from Raul Ruiz. We could easily call this one a commercial. Nothing to serious, just a feeble to barspin and some cruising around.

Tip Plus Shop Stop – East County BMX

Last Sunday, February 17th, Tip Plus held a shop stop in San Diego at the East County BMX and by watching this video, it sure was a damn productive day. Tony Neyer, Tammy McCarley, Dan Lacey, Ty Morrow, Anthony Flores, Raul Ruiz, Bruno Hoffmann and more where there, putting their pegs to use. Filmed and edited by Miles Rogoish.
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