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Quintin Co – Made In America

I don’t know how can this be on the web for a year not and I haven’t seen it yet. Well, better late than never. Quintin made a stop motion video, using more than 3,000 photos, to show you how what it takes to make a hat in the USA.

Wethepeople – Transworld Warehouse Session

While on a Californian trip, Wethepeople’s Pete Sawyer, Andrew Jackson and Raul Ruiz made a stop at the Transworld warehouse indoor ramps, to get a session done. One minute long and all three show some stylish moves, from grinds, manuals, nose manuals to some ramp usage.
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Ben Hucke – Getting Serious In Los Angeles

Diamondback’s Ben Hucke keeps getting busier and busier. In this third episode he tries to fight to Shanon Slack, plays a game of BIKE on a mini ramp with Rick Thorne, visits Quintin, rides some concrete with Raul Ruiz, gets a Shadow logo tattooed and of course parties with some ladies.
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Raul Ruiz Off Fit

Raul Ruiz is another guy who left The Building, who left his sponsor Fit.
“I wanna thank Fit for three fun years. It was an awesome experience. I was trying to move forward with the company for 2013 but they weren’t giving me the opportunity to do so. This was a personal decision and mutual on both ends and I can’t thank ’em enough for everything.”

Quintin Worldwide 2013

Wow, the idea for this edit is awesome. What a better way to connect all your worldwide riders in one edit? Watch a quick clip from Quintin’s Raul Ruiz, Pat Wang, Kevin Porter, David Reincke, Ben Lewis, Daisuke Maja and the rest of the riders.
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Dan’s Comp – Raul Ruiz & Morgan Long Split Edit

Dan’s Comp Pro Team: Raul Ruiz & Morgan Long – More BMX Videos

A split edit from Dan’s Comp teammates Raul Ruiz and Morgan Long. Raul is more of a grind master and Morgan is the one who gets technical, especially with vader sliders. This edit came out really solid with tons of really good stuff. Enjoy.
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Quintin Holiday 2012 Lookbook

Quintin’s 2012 Holiday range of products is available now and before ordering some stuff, click here, to check out Ben lewis and Raul Ruiz as models, wearing all the new jackets, hats, beanies and sweatshirts. Like always, Quintin produced some fine products.

Fit – Raul Ruiz & Nick Coughlin At Forest Grove

A really solid edit from Fit Bikes’ riders Raul Ruiz and Nick Coughlin, filmed by Stew Johnson during a late summer session at this concrete skatepark in Forest Grove, OR. Stylish and technical stuff.
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Dan’s Comp – Richard Jennings Skatepark Session W/ Hucke, Ruiz & Tran

Dan’s Comp team riders Ben Hucke, Raul Ruiz and Hoang Tran having a quick session at the Richard Jennings Skatepark in Woodburn to get some stuff filmed for this new mix edit. These kind of edits just make me wanna ride my bike so much, chill but still so much good stuff pulled. Hucke’s up manual to backards nose manual line was crazy.
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Raul Ruiz Welcome To Quintin

Raul Ruiz has been a good friend of Quintin for a long time now, so we all somehow knew that this will happen one day, and it did. Watch a pretty chill, with some stylish riding, welcome to the team edit above.
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