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Raul Ruiz Fit Wi-Fi Frame & Barstool Seat Promo

“Here’s another edit put together by Stew Johnson during production for the upcoming Dan’s Comp DVD and this time we get a product feature. Fit/Dan’s Comp team rider Raul Ruiz talks about the Fit Wi-Fi frame and the new Barstool pivotal seat, along with some street shralping thrown in for good measure.”Dan’s Comp.
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Dan’s East Side Backyard Ramp Session

Dan’s East Side Backyard Ramp Session from on Vimeo.

Stew Johnson filmed and edited a quick session at the hidden backyard ramp setup on the East side of Austin, TX featuring Dan’s Comp riders Ben Hucke, Raul Ruiz, Stevie Churchill and Trey Jones. You know this is going to be a good one.
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Dan’s Comp – Raul Ruiz Day Edit

RaulRuiz-danscomp-dayedit from Nate Richter on Vimeo.

Raul Ruiz having a chill one day session at Santa Ana skatepark for Dan’s Comp.
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Raul Ruiz “Today” Edit

Raul Ruiz shows how a typical riding day in his home town of Los Angeles, California looks like with special guest apperiance of Jackson Ratima. Check the video after the jump. Seen on ESPN.
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Raul Ruiz Bike Check

Check Raul Ruiz’s black, chrome with white walls machine. Seen on Fit.

Fit Bikes – Raul Ruiz

Raul Ruiz – Catch This One from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Street shredder Raul Ruiz came out with a new sick street video for his sponsor Fit Bikes. From throwing some baseball balls to great street moves like 180 to double-peg on a kinked rail and lot of other grind moves.

Raul Ruiz From “Surfin For The Ugly Broads”

Raul Ruiz – ‘Surfin for the Ugly Broads’ from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

Raul Ruiz’s section from Bone Deth’s video “Surfin For The Ugly Broads” is here. Not much craziness and madness like we are used to when something new is out from Bone Deth, but there sure is some really amazing street riding. Enjoy.

ODI: The Magic Bus “Raul Ruiz” Section

ODI: The Magic Bus “Raul Ruiz” Section from Sixtiesrider on Vimeo.

Raul Ruiz’s section from ODI’s video The Magic Bus. So much good riding in this video, street only. Raul is killing it, and the last clip really sketchy.
Video by Larry Alvarado

Manna Machine LA Weekley: February, 21st 2011

This Manna Machine’s weekly video is featuring Chris Brown, Raul Ruiz and Larry Alvarado all destroying a flat ledge.

Manna Machine LA Weekly: February 14th, 2011

LA Weekly: February 14th, 2011 from www.TheMannaMachine.Net on Vimeo.

This is the LA weekly from Manna Machine featuring Raul Ruiz, Chris Brown, Larry Alvarado and Freddy Yanez.