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Rayden Wickop Reel

Rayden Wickop Reel from Rayden Wickop on Vimeo.

Rayden Wickop put together unused clips from 2013 into this mix edit featuring Nathan Hines, Tyler Mckinstry, Wade Lajlar, Clayton Fifield, Adam Piatek, Kai Powell and Austin Baillie. Rayden sad, 2013 was good, but 2014 was better. We shall see about that.
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Clayton Fifield 5 Clips

A short five clips edit Rayden Wickop sent over of his friend Clayton Fifield. Nothing to crazy in here, but it was a really great 47 seconds long watch, so hit play above and check out Clayton firing out some nice moves.
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Lochlainn O’Leary Summer 2013 Edit

Um… where to start. Every time I get something new from Lochlainn O’Leary in the inbox I get pleasantly surprised, amazed, stoked and usually it always make my jaw drop. Why? Lochlainn is only 12 years old, but the riding is on a extremely high level, so may the years not fool you. This kid can pull double truck drivers, bar catch bars, opposite barspins over spine and is no stranger to grind combos. Kid is the future of BMX riding, that is for sure. Filmed and edited by Rayden Wickop.
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Nathan Hines’ Street Sessions

Now get ready to watch something serious from the streets, that Rayden Wickop just sent through. Nathan Hines and Rayden hit local street spots, where Nathan nailed down tons of damn proper moves. I personally really liked the feeble grind to barspin to smith grind on the lover ledge and last crank arm grind to 180 on a curved rail.
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Nathan Hines 2013 Edit

Nathan Hines is a shredder and being only 17 years young means nothing else, than having a bright future in the world of BMX. Rayden Wickop spent a couple sessions with Nathan over the summer to get this new piece happen. Enjoy.
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Rayden Wickop’s 10 Clips At Woodward West

Ten clips with Rayden Wickop at the Woodward West facility. Usually this guy is standing behind the lens, but this time he is doing it behind the bars. Great style of riding Rayden has and this is definitely worth throwing your eye at. Enjoy.
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Lochlainn O’Leary Bio

12 years old Canadian, Lochlainn O’Leary is riding BMX for three years now and he progressed a lot. He just sent over his latest piece that he filmed over the course of three sessions with help from his friend Rayden Wickop. Lochlainn can pull truck drivers, turndowns and all bunch of rad stuff and has impressively good style for his age. Enjoy.
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Rayden Wickop And Austin Baille Spring Split Edit

A pretty sweet spring split edit from two young shredders, Rayden Wickop and Austin Baille, doing it under the sun at various concrete skateparks. This one is a chiller, but it is fun and this was the goal they wanted to achieve.

Nathan Hines Winter 2013 Edit

Nathan Hines has been busy over the winter of 2013 with riding skateparks and also some streets. Here is an edit of his, to show you that he is no joke, filmed and edited by Rayden Wickop.
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Lochalinn O’Leary 7 Clips

Young Lochalinn O’Leary just upgraded his whip from 18″ to 20″ and did a few test runs at Nanaimo and Parksvile skatepark in British Columbia, Canada. His friend Rayden Wickop was there for him to film these seven clips for your viewing pleasure. Not much tricks, barspins, opposite barspin, tuck no-handers etc., but style to miles.
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