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Red Bull Framed Reactions Behind The Scenes

Andy Zeiss and Nate Wessel in this quick Red Bull Framed Reaction behind the scenes video telling you the whole idea behind this course and event. I can not wait to see what riders will be pulling and how will they set the course for themselves.
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Red Bull Framed Reactions Pre-Clip

Nate Wessel is a master-mind when it comes to designing courses and he once again made something absolutely amazing. Hear a few words from Nate himself and check a few clips from training at the Red Bull Framed Reactions in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The contest will go live today, June 8th, 2013, at 21:00 CET.
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Red Bull Design Quest – Pescara & Bologna X Potenza

Two new installments in Red Bull’s Design Quest series featuring Anthony Perrin, Matthias Dandois, Simone Barraco and Stefan Lantschner. This time they searched for new street spots around Pescara, Bologna and Potenza, Italy and came out with some amazing riding. So much style and so much skills from all four of them. Must see.

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Red Bull Phenom – Grant Germain

New Red Bull Phenom entry is here, featuring a minute of tech and solid street lines from Grant Germain. Every single submission so far was really good, so it will be a hard work picking the best. Who is next?
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 – Event Recap

Red Bull threw together a quick little event recap video from the Dirt Conquers 2013 contest, to show you a few clips from the building the course and riders like Ryan Nyquist, Ryan Guettler, Mike “Hucker” Clark and more going wild.
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Soulcycle Facebook Photo Contest

Guys over at Soulcylce are hosting a photo contest up on their Facebook page where you can win some really good prizes. The main thing about this giveaway is, that you need to go to Red Bull Framed Reactions. Find all the rules how to enter up on the Facebook page.

Red Bull Framed Reactions – Are You Ready?

Red Bull will be throwing down this amazing contests called Framed Reaction on the streets of Amsterdam, in June 8th. I am pretty much speechless after watching this 3D video of the course they designed especially for this event. Crazy.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers Highlights By BMX Juarez

OK, finally. A proper video highlights from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event, made by people over at BMX Juarez. Sergio Barraz Morales hit me up with these and I instantly get stoked about it. Watch Ryan Guettler, AJ Anaya, Ryan Nyquist, Leandro Moreira and more destroying this amazing course.
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Red Bull Phenom – Dylan Stark

Dylan Stark is one of many who wants to get to the X Games Street contest and this is his entry for the Red Bull Phenom project. One very long line, several crazy tricks plus one line with a crank arm grind to manual to 180 and straight into a fakie tailwhip down the stairs.
If you missed Mark Burnett’s, Austin Miller’s and Brandon Webster’s entries, watch them now.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 By Red Bull

I really hope this is just some kind of a teaser for the official highlights from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers event that went down this past weekend. If this is the actual video I am kinda disappointed, but please cheer me up Red Bull and drop something seriously amazing in the next few days.
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