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Red Bull “Riding Shotgun” Episode 4 – Shedding Scotland

Here is the fourth and last episode from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle’s “Riding Shotgun” series. Kriss met up with Drew Bezanson and Dennis Enarson in Glasgow, Scotland, to cruise around the city, to shred the famous Unit 23 skatepark, to cliff dive and to go camping. Unfortunately Drew got injured and ended the trip earlier, but they all managed to film a big amount of crazy good stuff for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
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Kriss Kyle “Riding Shotgun” – Episode 3

The third episode of Riding Shotgun series from Red Bull and Kriss Kyle is about Austin, Texas. Kriss flew to Austin to spent a few days with Chase Hawk cruising around, hitting skateparks, avoiding heat by swimming in pools, shooting guns and riding in boat. The filming of the second half is courtesy of the one and only Joe Simon. Lot of great riding, lot of amazing clips, so seat back, relax and enjoy every second of it.
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Morgan Wade POV At Red Bull Dreamline 2013

During the Red Bull Dreamline 2013 event, Morgan Wade strapped a camera on his helmet and did a few runs over those massive jumps (also crashed a few times), to give you the POV looks at this amazing setup. I know Dreamline was quite some time ago, but who cares, this is sick, Morgan is sick.
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Red Bull – Inside The Bakery Teaser

It looks like next Friday, November 15th, 2013 Red Bull will be starting with their new web series, that will be dropping each Friday and will give you an inside looks at the Brian Kachinsky’s indoor ramp facility in Chicago, The Bakery. I am sure every single shredder out there would love to get at least one session done at this amazing place. Stay tuned.
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Bas Keep’s Quarter Master Video Behind The Scenes

Red Bull dropped this awesome behind the scenes look at the building of world’s biggest dirt quarter for Bas Keep’s Quarter Master project. This thing is unreal and will be unreal forever. I am wondering, where will things go next? Will they build something even bigger? Maybe twice as big? Is this even possible? Enough questions, hit play and enjoy.
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Daniel Wedemeijer Training for Nitro Circus Live Shows

Red Bull sent Daniel Wedemeijer to America to train for the Nitro Circus Live shows in Holland and it looks like he did not really had any problems clearing the insane Nitro Ramp. Daniel is making a big name for himself with this “little” project and I am sure we are all happy for him.
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Kriss Kyle “Riding Shotgun” – Episode One

Kriss Kyle and Red Bull teamed up to get a new project done, which is called “Riding Shotgun.” Here is the first episode where Kriss takes a plane trip to Toronto to met up with Drew Bezanson and to hit Joy Ride 150 and some other skateparks and street spots around the area. Kriss picked four riders to ride with, so that mean there will be three more episodes dropping in the near future.
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Sebastian Keep – Quarter Master

Oh my god. The final product of Red Bull’s and Sebastian Keep’s “Quarter Master” project is now here and it is simply mind blowing, amazing and also mental. Watch Sebastian along with Ben Hennon and Ruben Alcantara enjoying this massive dirt quarter pipe they built with the team just for the project. I am really blown away and speechless. Must see.
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Kriss Kyle – Riding Shotgun Trailer

Kriss Kyle and Red Bull are starting a new series called Riding Shotgun, where Kriss teams up with Drew Bezanson, Simone Barraco, Dennis Enarson and Chase Hawk and hit four spots around the globe to shred bikes and have fun. This is just the trailer and it looks like it is going to be awesome and fun.
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Sebastian Keep Quarter Master Trailer

On October 15th the official Sebastian Keep “Quarter Master” web video drops and to tease you all a little bit here is trailer that shows you that it is going to be something incredible that will go down.
If you missed a short documentary about Bas Keep Ride UK put together, watch it now.