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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – End Of The Road (Finale)

On the very last episode of Red Bull’s Ride And Seek web series Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer stopped by at the Robbies in Islamorada to feed the infamous Tarpon fish (man, I really want to try this out, these are some big fishes). Later the hit the road and found themselves in a storm just before they are about to cross the 7 mile bridge. They managed to get to Key West to enjoy the last day of the trip, cruising around and just chilling and having some fun. No riding in here, but this was still such a good watch. Enjoy.

Edwin DeLaRosa – Streets And Avenues

Red Bull started with a new web series called Streets And Avenues and this is the first/premier episode featuring Edwin DeLaRosa. Edwin takes you on a cruise around his playground New York City, tell you a little about his early days, why he likes shooting photos and how much BMX and streets mean to him. Enjoy.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – Legendary Spots And Wet Socks

The ninth episode of Red Bull’s “Ride And Seek” series is here. Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer along with Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan hit up Tampa to ride the Skatepark of Tampa and later made a trip to Orlando, where they met up with legend Chad Degroot to ride the famous red quarters. The episode ends with cruising around Miami, Tony Neyer grinding a water ledge and with a finish session at the street euro gap. You know you don’t want to miss it, so hit play and enjoy.
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Street Fight Tour Episode 1

Viki Gomez, Matthias Dandois, Red Bull and a few other riders took a tour around Barcelona, Spain and this is the first part of it. The tour is/was called Street Fight and it’s goal was to bring out motivation for the flatland and street riding.
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Red Bull Illume 2013 – Sam Lee

Here is 17 year old Hong Kong base street rider Sam Lee talking about how much work he puts into shooting a trick with a photographer and how good the Red Bull Illume contest is important for local photographers. A couple really good clips in here.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 8 – Barspins And Burnouts

The eight episode of Red Bull’s Ride And Seek series is here. The crew, that consists of Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer along with Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan, hit the infamous 4 block spot in Atlanta, where Van pulled a ridiculous tailwhip over this insane gap and Garrett ended the session with a 180 barspin over the block and over the crew while Corey is in a motorcycle burnout process. Next day they hit the swimming hole to relax for a bit, get a session done at this fun looking rail spot and finished the day with camp fire.
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Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 By Zopilot

We have already seen some stuff from the Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2013 event in Guadalajara, Mexico, but here is something more and maybe the best video highlights from the contest. The course for the Dirt Conquers was some kind of a mix between a skatepark and trails and what the guys built was just amazing.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 7 – Gap To Rails In Atlanta

It is Thursday and you know it is time for the seventh episode of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” series with Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer. The crew packed their bags and bikes and took a motorcycle trip to Atlanta, Georgia to ride some untouched spots. And later that night, out of nowhere, Van Homan and Brian Kachinsky came and the trip got even crazier, especially when the hit the gap to red rail spot. Heavy crew equals heavy riding. Oh, and Van also got his first motorcycle lesson, so see how it went for him.
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Hanging Foul W/ Corey Bohan – Dialing In At Dreamline

Yeah, yeah, I know, we have already seen quite a few videos from the 2013 Red Bull Dreamline, but this is one more that you will enjoy, I guarantee you. Corey Bohan in the fifth episode of the Hanging Foul series gets invited to Angel Fire, New Mexico to participate at one of the gnarliest dirt contests ever. Here is his Dreamline experience on tape, ready for you to watch it.
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Red Bull Illume 2013

Two web vids are here for your enjoyment. One is from the Red Bull Illume 2013 ceremony and the other is featuring Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez having fun on their bikes in some Chinese ink.

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