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Behind The Scenes At Red Bull Dreamline With TJ Ellis

Now, when all the Dreamline chaos is over it is time to get an amazing behind the scenes look at Red Bull Dreamline contest with TJ Elis, filmed and edited by Dylan Pfohl. Partying, racing, warming up and pulling insane moves, that’s what’s up. Vegas.
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Red Bull Phenom 2013 – Prangenberg, Webster And Germain

We didn’t saw all 105 entries for the Red Bull Phenom 2013 competitions, but we saw quite a few and every single one was amazing. Top six riders were chosen to go to 2013 X games Los Angeles street contest, to show what they got. It was Grant Germain, Brandon Webster and golden medalist Felix Prangenberg who got the first three spots and here is a quick little recap from what went down. These three youngsters are for sure the next generation of BMX street riding. So much skills and so much style and all being under 18 years old.
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Red Bull Local Hero Tour

Not much informations about this one, but it is a web edit from the Red Bull’s Local Hero Tour and features their rider Vasya Lukyanenko along with other local shredders. Tons and tons of grinding and technical stuff in here.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 6 – Grinding Gears In South Carolina

New episode of Ride and Seek from Red Bull is here. Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer hit up this fun looking DIY spot in Asheville, North Carolina and drove to Clemson, South Carolina where they found this amazing hand rail. All three killed in here, but it’s Corey 180 to double peg to 180 out what is the highlighs in here. This was his first rail after the injury and he pulled in first try. Enjoy.
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Mike “Hucker” Clark Vans Kill The Line Interview + Finals Gallery

Mike “Hucker” Clark was the winner of 2013 Vans Kill The Line dirt contest that happened this past weekend at the Peynier trails in France. Red Bull caught up with him to talk about his thoughts of the trails, European scene, finals and more.
Also, make sure to check out the photo gallery from the finals, shot by George Marshall.

Terry Adams Red Bull College Tour – Salt Lake City

One of Terry Adams’ stops for his Red Bull College Tour was Salt Lake City and here is a quick recap from the shows he did at the Westminster and The University of Utah. Definitely great seeing crowd going all crazy.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – The Scenic Route To Sparta

The fifth episode of the Red Bull “Ride and Seek” series is here, titled as “The Scenic Route To Sparta.” Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer got sicked when seeing the amazing motorcycles they will be cruising on and took the road to Asheville, North Carolina via this place called Sparta. Along the path they stopped for several times to get some riding done and ended the day at the camping place, eating veggies made by Corey.
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Jaden Leeming Vs A Peugeot GTI 208

New Zealand rider Jaden Leeming in a new Red Bull commercial for Peugeot. Black Peugeot GTI 208 versus Jaden, who you think will win? Well of course it is Jade who wins the battle, especially the trick battle, but see it for yourself and all the amazing camera shots.
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Hanging Foul W/ Corey Bohan – Van Doren Invitational

The fourth episode of Red Bull’s Hanging Foul with Corey Bohan was in full shot in Huntington Beach at the Van Doren Invitational which was part of the US Open Of Surf. Half naked girls, wild signs on buts and world’s best rider shredding a replica of the Marseille bowl. Enjoy and don’t get to wild. It is Steve Crandall who comments the whole scene over there, so you know you will hear some proper stuff.
featuring riding from Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, Corey, Morgan Wade, Kevin Peraza and a lot more.
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Matthias Dandois And Viki Gomez – Souvenir From Hong Kong

Red Bull riders Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez spent a week in Hong Kong for the Illume ceremony. On the last day of the trip they threw a session down outside hotel and managed to film all these insane and super fast combos. All the flatlanders out there and non-flatlanders, I am sure you’ll gonna enjoy it.
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