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Red Bull – Corey Bohan Talks Choices

Red Bull is out with a new episode of Focus series, where they caught up with Corey Bohan to talk about BMX, his passion for trails riding and how Hollywood social scene gets over his BMX career. There are also clips of Corey riding his bike in here and training at the gym.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Episode 4 – Bike Week

In the fourth episode of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” series, Cory Martinez tells you more about his shoulder injury, surgery and the road to recovery. Along with that, the crew, Cory, Tony Neyer and Garrett Reynolds get to know motorcycles a little bit better, visit the Bike Week and Victory Motorcycles. It is Tony’s and Garrett’s first time on the bikes, so it’s definitely going to be a wild experience, at least for these two.
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2013 Red Bull Dreamline Official Highlights

Oh my god. This is amazing, unreal, from another planet, sick, wild, etc. Yes, we have seen some stuff from the 2013 Red Bull Dreamline dirt contest, but nothing was as proper as this one. Hear from the riders, watch some really insane crashes and watch tricks you usually don’t see at a contest, especially Pat Casey’s 360 barspin to double tailwhip. Must see people.
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2013 Red Bull R.Evolution Highlights By Zwanzig Zoll

This past weekend the 2013 Red Bull R.Evolution went down at the Mellowpark in Berlin, Germany and here are the highlights, brought to you by Zwanzing Zoll BMX magazine. The course was nuts, you know that, right? And riders went completely out of control, super fast and some were also pulling backflips and other tricks. Hit play and enjoy this madness.
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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” Ep. 3 – San Diego W/ Garrett Reynolds

Red Bull just dropped the third Ride And Seek episode where Corey Martinez heads to San Diego, California to met up with Garrett Reynolds and the rest of the friends to get some riding and filming done and of course to invite Garrett on a motorcycle journey from Nasville to Florida. So much good stuff in here it will blow you away. Do not wait people, watch Garrett and Corey along with others murdering every single spot they hit.
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Hanging Foul W/ Corey Bohan – Czech Republic

Red Bull is back with the third episode of Hanging Foul series they are doing with Corey Bohan. Corey hit Czech Republic with Chris Doyle and Ryan Navazio for the Dirt And Roll, a festival of BMX and metal. Since the weather wasn’t the greatest all the time, they did some tourist stuff and take a tour around Prague, hit this “indoor” spot and of course party.
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Red Bull Revolution 2013 Official Highlights

Highlights from one of the craziest BMX race contests in the year, the Red Bull Revolution, that went down this past weekend at the Mellowpark in Berlin, Germany. The course is unreal, so much big jump and that wooden pump track looks pretty scary to me. Oh, and you will also saw a back-flip in here?
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2013 Red Bull Dreamline Qualifiers Official Highlights

I am still waiting for the finals highlights from the 2012 Red Bull Dreamline event, but till then, here is more from the Qualifying, this time officially from the people over at Red Bull.
You can also watch a POV run through the course from a 17 years old Tyler Trueman below.

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Ride And Seek – Street And Park Sessions In Cali Ep. 2

In the second episode of Red Bull’s “Ride And Seek” series Corey Martinez head out to Long Beach, California to met up with Tony Neyer and Mike “Hucker” Clark to get some street and skatepark riding done, before Corey gets Tony on board for the motorcycle trip from Nashville to Key West. There is all bunch of really solid riding in here. Guest appearance by Shawn McIntosh, Ryan “Biz” Jordan and Morgan Long. It looks like it is one more intro-series to come, where Corey will be convincing Garrett Reynolds to join them on the trip and they are off.
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Red Bull Dreamline 2013 Prelims Video

Dreamline 2013 Prelims – More BMX Videos

Check out the highlights from the prelims at the Red Bull Dreamline 2013 featuring Dawid Godziek, Cory Nastazio, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, TJ Ellis, Cam White and others. This sure is a really massive set of dirt jump, but all these mad riders don’t have much problems of pulling big tricks over them.
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