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Red Bull Dreamline Qualifying Highlights

Guys over at Plus Size BMX are at the Red Bull Dreamline this weekend and during the qualifying they managed to capture a few clips to get these highlights done. All I will say is that tomorrow’s finals will be sick as hell. Hit play and enjoy it big moves pulled over massive trails.
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First Look – Red Bull Dreamline Course

Here is now the first look at the dirt course for the Red Bull Dreamline competition. When you here all the pros that will be competing going wow, then you know course is insane. And yes, it is. Check it out and be amazed by this motocross site jumps. I can not wait what this crew of riders will nail down over these.

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Red Bull “Ride And Seek” – Open Air

This is the session premier episode of the new series of the Red Bull “Ride And Seek” featuring Corey Martinez talking you about his history, how he got into BMX, how everything started when meeting Seth Kimbrough, along with family stuff and how the next episodes will go. Another really good series from Red Bull.
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Corey Bohan X Red Bull “Hanging Foul” – Good Morning Guadalajara

The new Hanging Foul episode with Red Bull’s Corey Bohan is here. This is the second episode and it shows you Corey’s Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara, Mexico experience. Eating, drinking and riding the one-of-a-kind course.
If you missed the first/season premier episode, go and watch it now.
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Kevin Robinson’s Farewell To X Games Competition

Red Bull dropped a video of Kevin Robinson about his retiring from the competitive side of the BMX world. Kevin tells you a bit about his past, the best moments and what he will be up to in the upcoming months/years. I really like how emotional Kevin gets when talking about BMX.
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Red Bull Phenom Results

Red Bull Phenom is probably the thing that I was interested in the most at the 2013 X Games Los Angeles. Young dudes from all over the world were putting heavy work in their short video entries, but it was only a few how got a chance to compete at the street course. And yes, it was only one who won the comp and it was you German shredder, Felix Prangenberg. Brandon Webster from Canada was second and Grant Germain from the USA third.
Check out a video (with no sound) below.

Six Questions With Alex Kennedy

Red Bull sat down with Alex Kennedy for six questions about the food he is eating, the top three tricks he likes pulling (or at least likes the feeling when landing them), stuff that motivates him besides riding his BMX bike and more.

Red Bull Ride And Seek Teaser

Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer packed their stuff on a custom Victory motorcycles and went on an epic “Ride and Seek” journey of good times, riding, filming, camping and yes searching new spots along the way. Here is the teaser and with a group as strong as this is, big stuff will happen. There will other big names featured in here as well, but more in the teaser above.
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Jib Lines In Auckland With Jaden Leeming

Red Bull’s Jaden Leeming hit the Barry Curtis skatepark in Auckland, Ne Zealand for a day, to film new stuff for this new clip. Sometimes you need several tries to pull a trick, a few crashes, but when it’s pulled you are the happiest person in the world. We haven’t seen anything from Jaden for a little while now, so it’s great to be able to watch him shred.
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Red Bull Phenom Finalists

We have seen plenty of amazingly good entries for the Red Bull Phenom contest, but only six of the will compete at this year’s X Games Street competition that will happen in Los Angeles. Kiam Hashemi, Grant Germain, Mitchell Kent, Felix Prangenberg, Nahuel Nieto and Brandon Webster.
If you missed their clips, watch them after the jump now.
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